August 2017 President’s Report

President’s Report August 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President


Wow! July was packed with plenty of Porsche activities – The Goodwood Brewery Tour, Keeneland Concours, and Patoka Winery visit were all well attended. Each provided spirited drives and plenty of Porsche comradery.


Don’t forget to join us Friday, July 28 as we close out the month with an annual favorite, making an ice cream run to Polly’s Freeze.


The month of August promises to be just as busy.


PLEASE note an important change. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the August Club meeting will now be at Aspen Creek.


Mark your calendars now for our next DE, the Fall Fastival, September 8, 9, 10. Registration opened Sunday, July 23 at 9am.


Below is a rundown of upcoming events:


  • July 28              Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run
  • August 5            Minstein Pool Party
  • August 14          KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Aspen Creek (behind Oxmoor Mall)
  • August 19          Chihuly Nights – Maker’s Mark
  • August 26         Parade Laps at NCM
  • Sept 8,9,10       KYPCA Fall Fastival
  • Sept 11               KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Gustavo’s Prospect


KYPCA – good activities with great friends “Rain or Shine.” There are still plenty of planned events coming up and there will be more added.  Have an idea for a drive or event?  Share it with us and we will do our best to make it happen.


Our August meeting will be Monday, August 14 at Aspen Creek.  The meeting starts at 7pm.



July 2017 President’s Report

President’s Report July 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President


Another FANTASTIC Summer Heat in the books.  KYPCA DE’s are nothing short of amazing. And, the new surface at Putnam Park is pretty great too!  If you have yet to participate either as a driver or simply as a spectator, what are you waiting for?  Our September Fall Fastival is calling your name.


Thanks to Randy Biery and the Blue Grass Porsche staff for their continued support, without which these DE’s would not be possible.  The weather could not have been better and the weekend was incident free.  PCNA Hot Shoes John Lewis and Cass Whitehead were again on hand the entire weekend providing on track instruction and rides in the brand new Porsche Panamera, these two guys…!  Cass and John have become friends to so many of us.  And, their driving skills, they make it look so easy.


Thanks must also be given to the many club members who continually invest their time to plan, run, and instruct.  There are too many to mention.  But, special thanks go out to Jeremy Miller, Mark Bos, Richard Darnell, Mark Lichtefeld, Chuck Hicks, Dan Stewart, Anthony Minstein, and Gene and Peggy Hoffman.


And, to all our Instructors, THANK YOU!!  Without our Instructors this event does not happen.  This was my first time having two students.  While I truly enjoyed it, I was exhausted!  I am indebted to the many who took the time to instruct me and allow my development as a driver.  We are all lucky to enjoy such an amazing hobby.


Mark your calendars now for our next DE, the Fall Fastival, September 8, 9, 10.  And remember, we will be holding Instructor training at our June 2018 event.


Below is a rundown of upcoming events:


  • July 1 Goodwood Brewery Tour
  • July 10 KYPCA Monthly Meeting
  • July 15 Keeneland Concours
  • July 22 Patoka Lake Winery
  • July 28 Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run
  • August 14 KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Oxmoor Country Club
  • August 26 Parade Laps at NCM



Our July meeting will be Monday, July 10 at the home of Bobbie and Jim.  The meeting starts at 7pm.  Bring a chair.  Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Check your e-mail for details, including address.



June 2017 President’s Report







President’s Report June 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President

As I sit down to write my June report this morning, I am now one year older, having just celebrated my 41st Birthday yesterday, May 20th.  And, what better way to have celebrated then with my fellow Porsche enthusiasts at Joe and Jane’s Annual Wine Party last evening. While we did incur a brief rain storm, accompanied with some small hail, nothing could take away from what has become one of our best events.  Joe is truly a master chef.  Short of Ruth’s Chris, I assure you, I could not have had a better steak. Jane is always the perfect hostess, even with wet feet trampling through her beautiful home.  And of course, no party can be complete without the fabulous guests, new and old.  The beauty of this party is that it is solely about the socialization, and every year new members who have yet to attend an event show up.  I am confident in saying everyone had a great time!  I know Holly and I did.  Thank you again to Joe and Jane for another great event!!


We are now in the thick of driving season and have numerous events planned.  Check the calendar of events often to stay up to date.  Here is a brief list of upcoming events:


  • May 27 Town Branch Distillery Tour
  • June 9-11 Summer Heat DE
  • June 12 KYPCA Monthly Meeting
  • June 17 General Butler State Park and Rabbit Hash General Store
  • July 10 KYPCA Monthly Meeting
  • July 22 Patoka Lake Winery
  • July 28 Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run


The June DE is fast approaching.  Have you signed up?  As I write this report, there are still slots available.  Don’t miss out.  September is too far off.


The Pacesetter in its new form can be found at


Our June meeting will be Monday, June 12 at the home of Edward and Stasia.  The meeting starts at 7pm. Bring a chair. Check your e-mail for details, including address.


I hope to see you there.




President’s Report April 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!
Driving season is finally upon us.

The month of April promises to get things rolling. Cars & Coffee is back – the second Saturday of each month at Captain’s Quarters. The Kentucky Derby Festival is getting underway. And, our first two drives of the season will take place. The first being Saturday, April 15 as we head to Angel’s Envy distillery for an afternoon tour. And then, Saturday, April 29 a little longer excursion to Natural Bridge.

April also brings with it the start of Track Season. I must say, this excites me! Admittedly, my track days are likely limited this year. For the second time in a year’s span, I started a new job last November. While I am enjoying the new challenge, my already limited free time is now even less. With that said, I am looking ahead to our June DE at Putnam Park. Registration opens for the Summer Heat Sunday, April 23 at 9am.

As a reminder, our June DE is scheduled June 9 – 11. Followed by our Fall Fastival September 8 – 10.

In March I mentioned the Pacesetter would be moving over to a fully web-based design. The Pacesetter in its current form will end with the May edition. Our hope is to have the new edition available by June, and it will be found at

Please make plans to join us at our June monthly meeting to honor Belinda for her unwavering dedication to the Pacesetter over the years.

The April meeting will be Monday, April 10 at Fiesta Time Amigos: 135 S English Station Rd Ct.

See you there.

Jason Miller

President’s Report March 2017

Spring seems to have come early. Or, are we just being teased? I’m choosing to be optimistic.

While I am not looking forward to mowing the lawn, pruning the shrubs, and all the other outdoor work that Spring brings; I am looking forward to sunny days, weekend drives, DE’s, Bourbon Tastings, and reconnecting with friends. Thanks to the careful planning of our Activities Director, T.H. Morris and Drive Master, Edward Hessel some fantastic Club Events/Drives are planned. Everyone should have received an e-mail outlining the upcoming events. But, remember to check the Pacesetter and the website calendar to stay up to date.

First up is a Tech Session at Blue Grass Porsche Saturday, March 25. During this How To session we will be introduced to front brake pad change on the late model Porsche. Then, on Saturday, April 15 we will embark on our first planned drive of the season as we head to Angel’s Envy distillery for an afternoon tour. As any of our regular drive participants know, our Drive Master can turn what is routinely a short drive downtown in to a fun and more lengthy expedition.

DE season is also revving up. I am eager to drive the freshly repaved Putnam Park. Registration for our June DE opens in April – be on the lookout.

Lastly, the Pacesetter will be getting a refresh, as we move to a fully web-based design. More details will be shared as they unfold. But, in preparation, I remind everyone to visit and to follow us on Facebook.

Our March meeting will be Monday, March 13 at Bearno’s Pizza Westport Rd. I will be working Capital Hill that day, hence, I will see you in April.

Jason Miller

President’s Report February 2017

Saturday evening January 14, KYPCA officially kicked 2016 to the curb and revved up 2017 with another great party.  Randy Biery and staff welcomed our annual “Holiday Hangover” Party back to the showroom of Blue Grass Porsche.  And, it did not disappoint.  The one hundred plus guests in attendance were greated with a newly installed video screen playing a continuous loop of photos which allowed for a leisurely drive down memory lane.  Complete with valet parking, music, open bar, an excellent meal from Taziki’s Mediterranean Café, door prizes, and of course many great conversations. Once again, Thank You to Randy Biery and Blue Grass Porsche for their amazing support of our club.  If you have not done so already, please stop in and thank Randy and his staff.  Also, I say again, Thank You to all of our members for making the club what it is.  Be sure to put our 2017 Holiday Party on your calendar – it will be in January of 2018.

Looking ahead, our Activities Chair, T.H. Morris and Drive Master, Edward Hessel are actively planning another great year.  We anticipate, weather permitting, that our first drive of the season will be sometime in March.  For our DE participants, the dates are set and the contracts are signed.  The June DE will be held June 9 thru 11, with the September DE held September 8 thru 10.  Both DE’s will again be held at the freshly repaved Putnam Park.

As a reminder, to stay up to date with Club happenings check the website and Pacesetter often  You can also follow us on Facebook – look for KYPCA.

Do you have an idea for a Monthly Meeting, Club Drive, or social gathering?  Let me know –

The February meeting will be Monday, February 13 at Famous Dave’s, 8605 Citadel Way, Louisville, KY (off Hurstbourne Ln.)

See you there!


President’s Report January 2017

It has been three years since I began my first tenure as your KYPCA President, serving in 2014 and 2015. I am excited to return to the post in 2017 and I want to thank Steve McCombs for his excellent leadership not only in 2016, but the countless prior years he has served our club. Steve will continue to be involved as our liaison to the President, serving as our PCA National representative – Thank you Steve!

While our total membership numbers have remained consistent, the overall participation of our members, and the number of club events have grown significantly over the last three plus years. The Monthly Meetings continue to have record attendance, as do our Club Drives. And, as usual, with the support of Blue Grass Porsche, our DE’s remain a huge success. This is due in large part to our officers and to you the members for investing your time. Thank you to everyone for making our club what it is.

With that said, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2016. Here’s to 2017! I wish you all a prosperous new year. As I have said many times, the club is what we make it. There is something for everyone. Planning is already underway to ensure another great year.

I am once again honored to serve as your 2017 KYPCA President. And, I hope to see everyone at the After-Holiday Party Saturday, January 14 when we bring the party back to Blue Grass Porsche.

Our January meeting will be Monday, January 9 at Roosters. The meeting starts at 7pm, but many arrive as early as 6:30.

Jason Miller

President’s Report December 2016

This will be my last President’s Report for the year and my presidency. As I reflect back, my goal was to have an all inclusive year. I’ve encouraged those who haven’t tried our DE events to do so. I’ve asked the membership to get involved in the wonderful Drives and Tours over the 2016 year, and also to partake in the Social events as well as attend the monthly meeting. I can now proudly say, I’ve accomplished that goal. This has truly been an outstanding year of Events. I would like to thank the Kentucky Region membership for allowing me to be the 2016 President. It has been a blast.

Many thanks goes out to: T.H. Morris and Edward Hessel for the endless hours they‘ve taken to make the Driving Tours outstanding; and to Jeremy Miller, Richard Darnell and the entire DE team for another wonderful Driving experience; and to our most fabulous Porsche Dealership and Randy Biery and his team of talented professionals for their support and investment throughout this past year. The Kentucky Region has truly been blessed this year with a safe, fun and exciting 2016.

My wishes are for the new President Jason Miller and the executive offices to carry the excitement through out the New Year. I also encourage the Membership to support the 2017 Events, because this is your Club. Be involved and have fun. As George Carlen quoted, “If you’re not having fun , you’re not doing it right”.

On behalf of The Kentucky Region PCA, I extend my warmest regards and best wishes to all of the Club’s membership. May the spirit of this wonderful season be with you and your loved ones throughout the holiday, and many blessings in the New Year.


Steve McCombs (2106 President)

President’s Report November 2016

November is here already and elections are in a few days, both at National and KyPCA. I would like to ask the membership to come out to BoomBozz Pizza in St. Matthews Nov. 14th and place your vote. (See page 9 for ballot.) Hopefully you feel that I did a fair job because I would like to finish out a second term as your President. So please remember, your vote does matter for everything.

I wasn’t here for the October meeting. I was traveling in Arizona where I attended the Phoenix PCA DE event. It was small, only 25 cars and a one day event. I
understand that most PCA DE events across the country are having problems with getting enough people to make these events happen. We are especially blessed to have Bluegrass Porsche involved, since only a select few have Dealership involvement. Please thank Randy Biery and crew for their involvement, because it is special. And don’t forget the DEs allows us to pay for dinners and drinks at our monthly meetings.

As the driving year comes to a close, I would once again like to thank T.H. Morris and Edward Hessel for their support and efforts in putting together the BEST year ever for KyPCA Driving/Tour events. We can only hope they will be willing to continue in 2017 with an equal or better driving experience. We had a huge crowd for the Huber’s Winery Drive Oct 15th which prompted some arrangement changes that will most likely be implemented going forward. Changes may include smaller groups and a different departing location, but more on that later. Another item on the agenda is the After Christmas Party. It has been requested that we repeat last’s year event with Mark’s Feed Store at Lake Forest Club House for this party. Please work on gathering door prizes. I believe the only decision left is picking a date.

The Kentucky Region has been blessed with quite a few new members this year. I once again ask the membership to help in making these new Club members feel welcome. Please take a few minutes at the meetings or on the drives to introduce yourself to them so they know who we are and that they are part of the best Region in all of PCA. And for us “old timers,” if you can remember how you felt during your first two meetings, step up an offer to bring them into the group. New people are the growth of our Club, and with new people come new ideas. This is my public announcement for the month.

I hope you see you all at the November 14th monthly meeting at BoomBozz in St. Matthews. Meeting starts at 7:00pm. (or some say 6:30).

Best Regards,

Steve McCombs (2016 KyPCA president)

President’s Report October 2016

Wow it’s hard to believe that October is already here. October offers some of the best weather in the Ohio Valley for driving. There are several events that we have planned including The Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, IN, The 2nd German Fest and Bourbon tasting, and the 15th annual Huber’s Winery Drive and meet-up with 3 other PCA Regions. Plus there’s Cars & Coffee and the monthly membership meeting. Things are pretty packed with fun things to do, just check out the website for details.

In September, I did my fourth DE event, and I have to say I’m having a blast. Driving the Mini, the smallest car with the lowest horsepower, against the truly awesome Porsche cars is exciting and changeling. But the most fun is meeting the people. The members at the DE’s are usually not the ones who go on the drives, do the car shows, or even come to the monthly meetings. But never the less, they are true Porsche lovers. They’re really nice, helpful and a fun group people to be with. As President, I would like to thank all the DE participants for their involvement each and every time and their endless enthusiasm. It would be wonderful if the DE people would join the Club in some of the drives and/or monthly meetings. And the non-DE members should go up and watch a track event and enjoy the whole thing. The Kentucky Region has the best group of car people anywhere. And the best thing is that everyone makes each other feel welcome and part of the BEST Region in all of PCA!

The Bluegrass Motorsports Porsche Dealership, with Randy Biery and the Bluegrass mechanics and support team, makes our DE events such a huge success. No other Porsche Dealership has this kind of involvement and commitment to their PCA Region. Thank You Bluegrass Porsche for everything you do with us and for us. You guys are the very BEST.

November is election month for our Club and our Country. All I would like to say just, GO out and Vote! If you would like to hold an office for 2017 club offices, please email your name to Anthony Minstein ( so we can have an election at the November 14th monthly meeting @ BoomBozz in St. Matthews. And if you’re happy with those currently in office we can re-elect them and move on towards more fun things to do in 2017.

We will be having an After Christmas Party probably the second Saturday evening in January. I would like to ask the entire membership to please attend. I would also like to ask for your help in offering door prizes for this party. If you have a business and you would like to offer a gift certificate, or if you are friends with someone who would like to offer a door prize, please help us make the party really exciting and extra fun with some awesome prizes. Thanks in advance for all your help.

That’s all for now, see you at the October meeting at Rooster’s on Shelbyville Rd. Middletown. @ 7:00pm


Steve H. McCombs, 2016 Kypca president