President’s Report April 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!
Driving season is finally upon us.

The month of April promises to get things rolling. Cars & Coffee is back – the second Saturday of each month at Captain’s Quarters. The Kentucky Derby Festival is getting underway. And, our first two drives of the season will take place. The first being Saturday, April 15 as we head to Angel’s Envy distillery for an afternoon tour. And then, Saturday, April 29 a little longer excursion to Natural Bridge.

April also brings with it the start of Track Season. I must say, this excites me! Admittedly, my track days are likely limited this year. For the second time in a year’s span, I started a new job last November. While I am enjoying the new challenge, my already limited free time is now even less. With that said, I am looking ahead to our June DE at Putnam Park. Registration opens for the Summer Heat Sunday, April 23 at 9am.

As a reminder, our June DE is scheduled June 9 – 11. Followed by our Fall Fastival September 8 – 10.

In March I mentioned the Pacesetter would be moving over to a fully web-based design. The Pacesetter in its current form will end with the May edition. Our hope is to have the new edition available by June, and it will be found at

Please make plans to join us at our June monthly meeting to honor Belinda for her unwavering dedication to the Pacesetter over the years.

The April meeting will be Monday, April 10 at Fiesta Time Amigos: 135 S English Station Rd Ct.

See you there.

Jason Miller

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