Kentucky Region Founders

The Kentucky Region Porsche Club of America was founded in 1959. On September 10th, ten “members in good standing of the Porsche Club of America” petitioned to be recognized as the Kentucky Club. Our founder and first President was Major Francis (Frank) Beckett stationed at Fort Knox.

November 1959 the petition was accepted. Our first officers were Maj. Frank Beckett as President, Dr. Jack Chumley as Vice President, and Dr. Robert Lykins as Secretary and Treasurer, they might also been the 1960 officers. The Kentucky Club territory was all of Kentucky, 18 counties in Southern Indiana, and 11 counties in Southern Ohio. The early members were very active with local and national activities, I have photos from members at the 1960 and 1961 Porsche Parades.

In 1962 the Kentucky Club fell into a period of inactivity, which lasted until 1964. In November 1964 Edward Hessel took interest in revitalizing the Kentucky Region. On December 3, 1965, the first meeting was held and a committee was appointed to write the Bylaws, the following photo invitation to elect officers was sent out to Porsche owners in the Kentucky Region.

The meeting was held and Edward Hessel was elected as our 1966 President, Arthur Blair as Vice President, William Heil as Treasurer, and Marilyn Sommer as Secretary. For many years it was thought that the Kentucky Region began in 1966 Charter 1966, the only charter we have was granted to the Kentucky Region and dated November 1966. From the Treasurers journal the Kentucky Region started with 28 members on January 26, 1966. The 1966 Kentucky Region territory was very similar to the original 1959, except for the counties in Ohio and several nearby Kentucky counties that were surrendered to the Ohio Valley Region founded in 1961.