Here are a few points that will be helpful for you to know before registering for our event using To start, if you do require assistance creating an account or registering than is there to help. You can call them directly at 415-462-5603 x3, or review their online help.

To register you must first create an account on Your account will track your event history with KYPCA, or any other event you register for through The cars in your garage, track experience, emergency contact information, etc. The registration process is simple, straight forward, and should only takes a few minutes.

When creating your account it’s also possible to manually enter past track experience. This information is not required to register for our event, so keeping this information in your profile up to date is entirely up to you. We do ask just a few questions as part of the registration process to determine experience or past participation.

You will also be asked for your PCA membership number as part of the registration process. This information is not a requirement. If you don’t remember your PCA membership number, or don’t have one than you may leave this entry blank.

As mentioned earlier, your MotorsportReg account can be used to register for numerous events with many different car clubs and organizations. The SCCA, PCA, BMW CCA, etc. all use As MotorsportReg is used for so many different driving & racing events, it supports some data elements that we do not necessarily need. When you fill in your profile information all we really need is the year, make, model and color of your car. The other profile fields may be left blank (unless indicated as a required field by There is also a place to enter emergency contact information. We would appreciate it if you take the time to complete this section.


KYPCA Driver Education Committee