President’s Report December 2016

This will be my last President’s Report for the year and my presidency. As I reflect back, my goal was to have an all inclusive year. I’ve encouraged those who haven’t tried our DE events to do so. I’ve asked the membership to get involved in the wonderful Drives and Tours over the 2016 year, and also to partake in the Social events as well as attend the monthly meeting. I can now proudly say, I’ve accomplished that goal. This has truly been an outstanding year of Events. I would like to thank the Kentucky Region membership for allowing me to be the 2016 President. It has been a blast.

Many thanks goes out to: T.H. Morris and Edward Hessel for the endless hours they‘ve taken to make the Driving Tours outstanding; and to Jeremy Miller, Richard Darnell and the entire DE team for another wonderful Driving experience; and to our most fabulous Porsche Dealership and Randy Biery and his team of talented professionals for their support and investment throughout this past year. The Kentucky Region has truly been blessed this year with a safe, fun and exciting 2016.

My wishes are for the new President Jason Miller and the executive offices to carry the excitement through out the New Year. I also encourage the Membership to support the 2017 Events, because this is your Club. Be involved and have fun. As George Carlen quoted, “If you’re not having fun , you’re not doing it right”.

On behalf of The Kentucky Region PCA, I extend my warmest regards and best wishes to all of the Club’s membership. May the spirit of this wonderful season be with you and your loved ones throughout the holiday, and many blessings in the New Year.


Steve McCombs (2106 President)

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