September Membership Report

August was relatively quiet for the Kentucky Region. We’re gearing up for our 2nd hosting DE in early September, plus folks are getting ready for the end of summer. Which didn’t stop us from a 3rd ice cream run (our club seems to like events which end with a meal, or with ice cream).

This time, it was a run out to Ghirardelli ice cream parlor at the new Outlet shoppes, just outside of Louisville. We could have taken the freeway; 20 minutes tops, but where is the fun in that? Instead our activity committee created an hour and a half romp through central Kentucky 2 lanes and farm roads. At one point, our train of 16 cars took up the whole road. Lucky for us we didn’t run into a farm tractor coming the other way. The ice cream was good, the drive, better…and the socializing at the ice cream store the best of all.

Our 2nd event was a pool party at the Minstein’s. This has become an annual event, the 2nd year the Minstein’s gave up their backyard and pool for the club. Food and drink again was provided by the club and prepared by the Minsteins. White Castle hamburgers, chicken wings, a grilled salmon (expertly grilled by Vycki Minstein), Tater Tots, Salad and a smoked brisket (smoked by Event Chair TH Morris) laid out under what turned out to be a very pleasant summer evening.

The event ended with a number of swimmers in the pool, and all guests imbibing a dessert of Klondike Bars and Cracker Jack.

Primary Members 305
Affiliate Members 175
Test Drive Members: 1
Total Members 480


May 2018 Club Activities

We don’t get to drive much for fun in Kentucky November to February: too cold, wet and dreary. We make up for it when the weather turns and May was a typical example.

We started the month with the 4th Annual Wine and Steak tasting at the home of Joe and Jane Galownia. 60 members came with two bottles of wine: one to share and one to auction off to members at the event end. As usual, Joe and Jane were delightful hosts. Members were greeted with a terrific spread of charcuterie and a selection of cheeses (including member Kenny Mattingly Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese) followed by a dinner of grilled steaks, oven roast potatoes and salad. Desert was a selection of fine cakes and pies (gotta love that coconut cream cake!).

The monthly membership meeting was held at Mango’s Mexican Restaurant. Our membership attendance numbers keep climbing to such an extent it’s getting harder and harder to find someplace to accommodate all of us. I guess we should be happy we’re so successful! Nothing succeeds like success.

The next weekend, Region leadership Jason Miller (President), Robert Klein (VP), Anthony Minstein (Membership Chair) and Jim Doll and Gene Hoffman (Board Members) drove up to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the Northern New Jersey Region experienced driver weekend. It’s always nice to see how other regions run their DEs and a great time was had by all, in spite of the low temps and damp track.

The same weekend, another group made the 100 mile trip South to member Ken Mattingly Kenny’s Farm to tour the new automated barns (robot milking stations for the cows!) and of course, to buy some of Kenny’s locally famous cheese. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for the drive; rain, slick roads and cold temps tried to damp the enthusiasm, unsuccessfully. 11 cars and 20 members braved the elements returning with lots of fresh cheese (Kenny always brings a good assortment of cheeses for tasting at our own track event).

To round the month off, we had a Memorial Day weekend drive through the Ohio River valley out to Georgetown, KY to visit Babe’s BBQ. TH Morris, our Activity Chair led 16 cars (on Memorial Day weekend!) us on a long drive across the twisty county roads along the many streams and rivers. A favorite was the path following the Kentucky River curving past the river locks and dams outside of Lockport, KY then crossing Appalachian the foothill ridges normal to this part of the state. Babe’s is an off-the-trail family dining spot on the list of Kentucky 10 best off-the-beaten-path restaurants and the service and home cooking demonstrated why. Everything from the warm greeting, to the great service and food impressed our group of travelers.

I’m not sure what we liked more: the drive? Or, the BBQ? Typical KY staples like pork, brisket, chicken, and Kentucky specialty sides including corn pudding and fried okra (yee haw!) plus traditional side dishes like cole slaw, beans and corn bread (and did I mention the toasted coconut pie?). The ride ended at Babe’s with many members opting the more direct freeway route home.