President’s Report – January 2011

Hey everyone, Happy New Year, and wishes for a truly wonderful 2011.

I would like to start off with asking for help from all the membership in making our 2011 calendar year interesting and fun to be involved. The calendar is wide open for suggestions of things you would like to do. We’ve all gone through some difficult economic times here and we need to add a little fun in our lives for a change. The website is up and it’s a great place to post your ideas. We already have plans for two DE’s this year in June and September and we’ll be planning on some additional events to go along with them. Some suggested ideas for drives are: the bourbon trail, the Corvette Museum, over night trip to the Smokey’s, the P2O event in Ohio, along with the Keeneland Concours and the fall Huber Drive. Any other ideas are welcome! Along with the New Year comes new officers. This year the changes are the president’s position and a new board member, Jason Miller. I would like to thank Tony Proasi for his time and support as 2010 president and Edgar Smiley for his time and support as board member.

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President’s Report – June 2010

Well June is here and it is time for one of our regions signature events (and one of my personal favorites), the June DE.  I hope everyone has signed up, and if you haven’t please do so, it is a great time.  If you haven’t already,
please make plans to make the drive up to check it out.

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President’s Report – May 2010

Well by the time you read this Derby will have passed, which brings up the topic of a local PCA get together – in the past it was the Porsche Derby,
Autumn Derby, & Octoberfest. Well maybe it is time to bring back one of these events or start something new, and I would like to ask the help of the members for suggestions.

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President’s Report – March 2010

Hopefully by the time this is being read all of the snow has melted and it is time to start thinking about getting the Porsche out of the garage. The DE is right around the corner so if you have never been it is a great time and you should start thinking about signing up! If track days aren’t your thing you should still make the trip up and hang out and check out the cars.


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President’s Report – February 2010

Well Everyone,

We had another successful and fun meeting in February. On that snowy evening
we had 15 members who braved the cold and winter storm warning to come out and enjoy the
get-together. The club funded a round of refreshments to make things more enjoyable…

As I stated in last month’s “Presidential Gems”, we’re doing something different with the monthly
membership meeting. My hope as this year’s president is to make these meetings fun, interesting
and something that everyone would look forward to attending (a true gathering or get-together).

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President’s Report – November 2009

Wow! October was a really fun month. It started with the Louisville Concours where we had approx. 10 cars in the Churchill Downs Infield corral. The Huber Winery Drive was attended by 15 cars and we met up with CIR who had 20 cars, all on a very cool Saturday afternoon.

The monthly meetings continue to increase in attendance. And the DE at Putnam Park was well attended with over 80 cars. The year is winding down and the weather is becoming iffy to do any big Drive events. But we’re still interested in doing those spur of the moment drives. So if someone has an idea and the weather on the weekends are good, place a note on the website and let’s go.

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President’s Report – October 2009

Well, Fall is upon us and it’s a great time of the year to get those cars out on the road and enjoy the countryside. I’ve been very pleased with the turn out for the monthly membership meetings and all seem to have a good time. But I sure wish that we would have more members interested in going on the Drives. A group of 6 Club members drove to the West Baden, IN, for the 356 Holiday and it was really something special. To see 200+ pre-1965 Porsche cars in that historic sight was quite first class and exciting.

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President’s Report – September 2009

Wow this year is flying by, September is upon us. That means Fall colors so let’s go for a ride and/or test your driving skills at the October DE event. The August meeting was well attended and the center of discussion was on the 50th Anniversary Party. It’s important to note there will be formal invitations mailed out to all existing members. You are requested to fill it out, attach your check, and mail it back to the committee before Sept. 9th. That is the only way you will be counted as a guest for this event. There will be no pay at the door for this event. Please check the website for updates on this event.

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President’s Report – August 2009

The July meeting was held at Bluegrass MotorSports Dealership and several important issues were
discussed: 2010 elections and the 50th Party.

Elections for 2010 Club year is coming up. An election committee has been established to search for
new officers. The website has the description in our “bylaw section” for each office and their
function. Please take some time to review that information and let one of us know if you are interested
in holding one of these positions. Candidates will be posted in the October PaceSetter, with elections
at the November monthly meeting.

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President’s Report – July 2009

Wow everyone! The Summer of ’09 is upon us.

By now we have had the Drive to Leavenworth and another successful DE event. Many thanks to
Jeremy, Mark, Richard, Jerry, Dan, John and others, and especially BlueGrass Porsche for their
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