President’s Report – March 2011

Things are heating up, especially the weather. I don’t know of anyone who isn’t waiting for warmer weather. And with warmer weather, it’s time to plan drives and get-togethers. Is there something special you would like to do? Please let one of the officers know, so we can look into it.

I want to thank those who attended the February meeting. Even though it was Valentine’s Day, we had a nice turn out. In the future, we’ll plan better to avoid those kinds of special event conflicts. We are making an extra effort to welcome new members to attend the meetings. I would like to invite all new members to attend a monthly meeting. It is one of the main ways to meet your fellow club members.

Speaking of planning, have you, or are you, considering joining or attending the June DE? Time is closing in on making that decision. I assure you, it is a great time. We are also planning on having a Tech session within the next several months. There have been some suggestions on impromptu get-togethers at various member’s homes to do Porsche repairs. A good way to plan these are to use the Club’s website. The Forum section is designed to do just that! We all know that a few willing- and-able hands are quite helpful on some of these tasks. These events are a great way to meet the club members both new and existing. Our Activities Chairman, Steven Rountree, is planning several driving events (more information to be published in the Pacesetter and website).

There have been discussions over the past several months about the newsletter, our PaceSetter. The discussions are centered around receiving either a paper copy or an electronic copy. For NOW, we’re leaving things the way they are, with the mailed paper version and placing the electronic version on the website. Over the next several months, we’ll be canvassing all members, asking if you would prefer an electronic version emailed to you or to continue receiving a paper copy. There are several advantages to the electronic emailed version, such as reducing our mailing/ publishing costs, posting color pictures of events, videos, attaching links and having more interactive avenues. But it is important to note that the PaceSetter is only as informative as you want it to be. That is why it is fundamental to have interesting and informative articles written by the club members themselves. We all have interests centered around our Porsches. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter in the first place! I’m send out a plea to the membership to write an article of Club interest (please no political commentary).

It’s probably long over due, but maybe we should add a column/page to the PaceSetter calling it “Club members interest points” or something like that. Believe me this would help out our news letter editor, Belinda Schweinhart, greatly. She does an excellent job in composing the monthly PaceSetter to make it interesting. Wow, what a great help it would be to have several articles each month coming from our Club membership! Please help us make this happen.
See you at the next meeting,

Steve McCombs