President’s Report – February 2011

I wanted to thank everyone for attending January’s monthly meeting and I apologize for it being a lengthy meeting. I promise that future meetings will be shorter and with content interesting to the membership. As I’ve stated in many past newsletters, we will be focusing on new members this year. My hopes are that new members will feel welcome and part of the group right off the bat. It’s the new members that will be the future of the Kentucky Region. We all should be proud of the group of people we now have and with a diverse interest in various events within the club. This makes our group worth joining. So I ask for everyone’s involvement and support to make this a club worth belonging to. This is your club, you make it what it is or what it isn’t. And your opinions count to help make this a worthwhile organization to be a part of. Please help me make this fun.

As you may have known, we had our After Holiday Party on January 15th and 40 club members attended to make this a really nice event. I would like to thank the committee for their efforts on making this a fun event with good food and drink. I especially would like to thank Bluegrass MotorSports and Randy Biery for the great door prizes (complete weekend at the upcoming June DE and a 2011 Porsche calendar) and to Bub Theobold of PrintMyRides for his great door prize (a very nice poster art of your car). Thanks to all who attended. If you weren’t there you missed a great time!

Like everyone, these economic times are placing pressures on all groups, and we are no exception. We will be facing certain changes that we will be trying to implement throughout this year. The main one would be placing the monthly newsletter (Pacesetter) online only. The Pacesetter newsletter is a huge expense for the club, at approximately $400 a month to produce and mail. We must address this going forward. We will be making a strong attempt to eliminate mailing out hard copies and going paperless, with establishing a web style newsletter. And with our award winning website, this will only enhance the communication between us. This approach will offer several options we’ve never seen with the paper copy: color graphics, videos, forums and the ability to have an archive of past Pacesetter’s to review at any time. A team will be put together at the February meeting to explore this option in detail, with a goal of having it ready by late Spring 2011. At first this will not be an all or nothing plan but we will be working strongly in that direction. Secondly, we haven’t established a yearly budget for a long time. We will be doing so soon, so we can get back to having added benefits like two DE’s per year, a yearly party, and maybe sponsoring dinner sometimes at the monthly membership meetings.

The Officers of the Club are always open to suggestions and new ideas especially on what you would like to see different whether it’s an event, a drive, or the way the club’s being conducted. Let us know, we’ll take it to heart and see what can be done. So we’ll see you at the February meeting, again being held at T.G.I. Friday’s in Plainview.

Steve McCombs

As a side note:
Back in the Fall I was out for a driving in my Porsche and I noticed an old time tradition that wasn’t being done anymore, and that was acknowledging another Porsche driver either coming towards you and driving in your direction by flashing your bright headlights several times. Then I saw a short statement on the internet about just that. So I ask you to read the following and keep that in mind when we pass each other on the highway. Who knows, it may bring a bright spot in your day and add a smile to you face.

Doesn’t matter what model Porsche you drive, please remember to greet other Porsche drivers with a cheerful headlight flash and/or a hand wave and/or a horn toot. Even if they signal you from another make vehicle, chances are they have a Porsche as another car or maybe they just like Porsches!

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