President’s Report – January 2011

Hey everyone, Happy New Year, and wishes for a truly wonderful 2011.

I would like to start off with asking for help from all the membership in making our 2011 calendar year interesting and fun to be involved. The calendar is wide open for suggestions of things you would like to do. We’ve all gone through some difficult economic times here and we need to add a little fun in our lives for a change. The website is up and it’s a great place to post your ideas. We already have plans for two DE’s this year in June and September and we’ll be planning on some additional events to go along with them. Some suggested ideas for drives are: the bourbon trail, the Corvette Museum, over night trip to the Smokey’s, the P2O event in Ohio, along with the Keeneland Concours and the fall Huber Drive. Any other ideas are welcome! Along with the New Year comes new officers. This year the changes are the president’s position and a new board member, Jason Miller. I would like to thank Tony Proasi for his time and support as 2010 president and Edgar Smiley for his time and support as board member.

As the 2011 president and a returning past president, I would like to focus this year on new members. As we all know new membership is the life blood of any group. I would like to ask all of the membership to welcome the new faces and offer them any kind of club support you can. Again this year we’ll have our membership meetings at different restaurants with the purpose of having a fun get-together that is informative and worth attending. I’m always open and eagerly expecting ideas on how to make your Porsche club experience a real value. Our members have a wealth of Porsche knowledge on how the different cars work and perform which is there for the asking. The website can offer a venue in which to gain some of this knowledge. I will be using the website for most, if not all, of my inputs concerning the Club’s function. It’s an award winning website and easy to use. Heck, by visiting it once a week for 15 seconds you could find out what’s going on in the club.

The first 2011 club meeting will be at TGI Friday’s in Plainview. If any club member has a relative, a close friend or a neighbor that has a restaurant/eating establishment and would like to have the Club meetings at their place, we’d be happy to try that (with enough notice). We are always looking for fun places to go for our meetings. I’m eager to get 2011 started with cool stuff to do. Help me push the enthusiasm.

See ya soon,

Steve McCombs

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