June 2017 Panorama

The new Pano came in a few days ago but I just got a chance to scan it this morning as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee. I find that I jump quickly to the “From the Regions” section. Thanks to Anthony M. for consistently getting our drives written up and submitted. If you have gotten into the habit of leaving this great magazine in its plastic wrapper, then you have incentive to open it up and see if your car was in our submitted photo.  – posted 6/26/17

Drive coming up next weekend.

We have a club drive coming up next weekend.  Details have been sent out via email to all members.  Hope you can make it. – Posted 6/25/17

President’s Report July 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President


Another FANTASTIC Summer Heat in the books.  KYPCA DE’s are nothing short of amazing. And, the new surface at Putnam Park is pretty great too!  If you have yet to participate either as a driver or simply as a spectator, what are you waiting for?  Our September Fall Fastival is calling your name.


Thanks to Randy Biery and the Blue Grass Porsche staff for their continued support, without which these DE’s would not be possible.  The weather could not have been better and the weekend was incident free.  PCNA Hot Shoes John Lewis and Cass Whitehead were again on hand the entire weekend providing on track instruction and rides in the brand new Porsche Panamera, these two guys…!  Cass and John have become friends to so many of us.  And, their driving skills, they make it look so easy.


Thanks must also be given to the many club members who continually invest their time to plan, run, and instruct.  There are too many to mention.  But, special thanks go out to Jeremy Miller, Mark Bos, Richard Darnell, Mark Lichtefeld, Chuck Hicks, Dan Stewart, Anthony Minstein, and Gene and Peggy Hoffman.


And, to all our Instructors, THANK YOU!!  Without our Instructors this event does not happen.  This was my first time having two students.  While I truly enjoyed it, I was exhausted!  I am indebted to the many who took the time to instruct me and allow my development as a driver.  We are all lucky to enjoy such an amazing hobby.


Mark your calendars now for our next DE, the Fall Fastival, September 8, 9, 10.  And remember, we will be holding Instructor training at our June 2018 event.


Below is a rundown of upcoming events:


  • July 1 Goodwood Brewery Tour
  • July 10 KYPCA Monthly Meeting
  • July 15 Keeneland Concours
  • July 22 Patoka Lake Winery
  • July 28 Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run
  • August 14 KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Oxmoor Country Club
  • August 26 Parade Laps at NCM



Our July meeting will be Monday, July 10 at the home of Bobbie and Jim.  The meeting starts at 7pm.  Bring a chair.  Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Check your e-mail for details, including address.



Upcoming Drive Reminder – Check your email

Email reminders have gone out for the upcoming drive this weekend (6/17/17).  Details are included in the email and are also available on the Facebook Activity page.

Keeneland Concours July 15, 2017

It’s time to head to Lexington and meet up with the Bluegrass Region for the 2017 Keeneland Concours.

The Club will be purchasing 50 tickets which includes 25 car passes for the paddock parking.  The first 25 cars to arrive the morning of the drive will receive a ticket for the driver and a car pass. The remaining tickets will be given to drivers first.  Once all drivers have received a ticket any remaining tickets will be given to passengers.   Tickets will be available day of show as we drive in.

We will meet at 9:45am in the parking lot of Dairy Queen next to Bachman VW on Hurstbourne, with a departure time of 10am. You can head home at your leisure.

Jason Miller

KYPCA President

June 2017 Anniversaries

Dan & Barbara Stewart 6/1/1979 38 LaGrange KY 1983 911 SC Green  
Mark & Belinda Schweinhart 6/1/1982 35 Goshen KY 1976 911
David & Minda Sermersheim 4/1/1991 26 Louisville KY 1973 914 1.7
William & Ellen Oakley 9/17/2004 13 Simpsonville KY 1991 911 Carrera 2 White
Dick & Judy Schmitt 6/10/2005 12 Louisville KY 1979 911 SC Red
Todd Hartfield & Todd Edlin 10/25/2006 11 Elizabethtown KY 2008 Boxster Silver
Carl & James Baker 6/4/2007 10 Prospect KY 2006 Boxster S Silver
Thomas Zoeller 6/16/2008 9 Louisville KY 2001 Boxster Silver
Robert & Ralinda Gregor 6/2/2009 8 Louisville KY 2006 911 Carrera Red
Robert & Lynn Burkhardt 6/25/2010 7 Louisville KY 2007 Cayman Red
Grant & Elizabeth Quasha 3/12/2010 7 Louisville KY 2001 911 Turbo Silver
Debra Pollock 6/1/2010 7 Bowling Green KY 2008 Cayman
James Davis 6/17/2013 4 Crestwood KY 1995 911 Carrera Green
Robert Fletcher 6/13/2013 4 La Grange KY 1993 968 Red
Bruce Hahn 6/5/2013 4 Paducah KY 2013 911 Carrera S Blue
Larry Cornelius 6/26/2014 3 Crestwood KY 2000 Boxster Red
Craig Rabeneck 6/19/2014 3 La Grange KY 2012 Cayman R Green
William Addison 6/23/2015 2 Louisville KY 2011 Panamera
David Gardner 6/8/2015 2 Fort Knox KY 2011 Cayman White
Bob Meinorn 6/15/2015 2 Fisherville KY 1958 356 cabriolet
Bob Melhorn 6/22/2015 2 Fisher Ills KY 1958 356
Mark Pichea 6/25/2015 2 Prospect KY 2005 911 Carrera
Michael Venable 6/1/2015 2 Hopkinsville KY 2005 911 Carrera Blue
Chase Abell 6/26/2016 1 Louisville KY 2017 Macan S
John Davis 6/13/2016 1 Borden IN 2016 Boxster Spyder Carrera White Metallic
Stephen Goddin 6/10/2016 1 Prospect KY 2013 911 Carrera S Black
William Pustow 6/24/2016 1 Louisville KY 2016 Macan Turbo Gray
Richard Rasey 6/1/2016 1 Prospect KY 2004 911 Carrera 4 Gray

Welcome New Members – May 2017

David Wise               Louisville, KY           2013 Panamera GTS Basalt Black

William Fortner      Floyds Knobs, IN     2011 911 Turbo S Cabriolet Ruby Red

Town Branch Distillery May 2017

The Kentucky and Bluegrass Regions came together for the second time this year for a drive to the Town Branch Distillery in Lexington.  We had about a dozen cars start out in Louisville and we took a scenic route toward our lunch spot in Midway where we would meet up with the members from the Bluegrass Region.   The back roads of Kentucky are an absolute joy this time of year.  We did catch up to a rather large piece of farm equipment moving along our route and it was impressive to watch oncoming traffic navigate it way around.  Soon enough our paths diverged and we were able to proceed.    We stopped for lunch at Mezzo Italian Cafe in Midway and they did a great job for us.  It was quite the sight seeing the town square filled with all of our cars.   After lunch, we continued our journey into Lexington and visited Town Branch Distillery.  This is also home to the Alltech Brewery which is the maker of beers such as Kentucky Ale, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Kentucky Kolsch.  This facility is located just a short walk from Rupp Arena.  The visitor center, distillery and brewery are all closely situated and as a part of the tour you have the option to sample four of any of their products.  One of my favorite samples was Bluegrass Sundown which is a dark roasted coffee infused with Kentucky bourbon and sugar.

Natural Bridge Drive

“…in the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”…and a Porsche owners fancy turns to thought sof winding two lane roads, mountains, exciting views and pizza. OK, maybe not everyone’s fancy.

However, on a recent fine Spring day, KYPCA arranged a drive to meet up with the Bluegrass Region (from Lexington, KY) and drive togte4her out to Red River gorge, Natural Bridge State Park with a stop at Miguel’s Pizza.

The Red River Gorge is a canyon system on the Red River in east-central Kentucky. Much of the Gorge is located inside the Daniel Boone National Forest.  This intricate canyon system features an abundance of high sandstone cliffs, rock shelters, waterfalls, and natural bridges with more than 100 natural sandstone arches. The number of sandstone cliff-lines have helped this area become one of the world’s top rock climbing destinations.

Kentucky’s Natural Bridge State Park is immediately adjacent to this area, featuring one of the largest natural bridges in the Red River Gorge. Because of its unusual and rugged nature, the Red River Gorge features a remarkable variety of ecological zones.

As the Red is two hours and over 130 miles away, we met earlier than usual.  The day started with an intense rain storm and lightning show which let up in time for our group of 10 cars to gather to head for Lexington to meet up with Bluegrass Region 12 cars.  The clouds gave way to clear skies which by noon, had become a beautiful, sunny day.

Due to the distance, we made our way mostly on freeway, stopping for the excellent pizza at Miguel’s; a destination breakfast/lunch/dinner/camping/shower spot for the many rock climbers attracted by the area’s many cliffs.

After lunch, we made our way the short mile hop to Natural Bridge where a number of us chose to ride the chair lift to visit the bridge. The ride up to the bridge was spectacular.

The sandstone arch that is called Natural Bridge has stood for millennia and is 78 feet long, 65 feet high, 12 feet thick and 20 feet wide. Some geologists believe that the stunning natural sandstone arch is at least a million years old. Natural Bridge is composed of what is known in geological terms as Pottsville conglomeratic sandstone. Large blocks of stone falling off either side of a narrow sandstone ridge caused the first opening that began the transformation of the sandstone outcropping into an archway. The weathering process, along with the root systems of plants, continued to develop the unique archway.

After visitng the bridge, our group made our way back “overland”, following the many scenic two lane roads crossing this end of the Appalachian Mountains back to Louisville through Irvine, Richmond, Lexington to home.

A long day, but much fun.