Garage Envy

2024 KYPCA Garage Envy Contest

This event is centered around camaraderie of the membership traveling to various members
garages. To admire and complement those garage owners on their hard work, along with a big
investment in housing their Porsche cars. Yes, this is a friendly competition. BUT cheating is
allowed (such as serving food and drink to the membership or any other creative means to win votes).

To Enter into the Fun please email Steve McCombs.
Include your name, address, email & phone #.
Dead Line to enter is April 12th.

We currently have 4 members entered and are looking for more.

A special designed trophy has been put together to compliment this event. Many thanks for those how have entered….

All are welcome to be involved in having fun driving to each location and viewing these awesome garages.

MEETING Location: Stony Brook Cinemas Parking lot 2745 S. Hurstbourne Parkway
TIME: Saturday April 13th. Driver’s meeting at 9:30am depart right after….. (Event goes til 4pm)

Any question contact: Steve McCombs