Another great High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) put on by KYPCA at Putnam Park has come and gone.

The weather was pretty close to perfect: dry, clear and sunny. Maybe a little too sunny as there were many participants who either forgot or neglected their sunblock. The new paving out at Putnam felt great. Good grip and smooth feel. Driving began Friday, primarily instructors and those Red/Blue drivers who could get away from the office a little early. Thursday evening was social time, with Matt Innis  cooking up brats, steak and peppers and onions on the grill out front of the hotel.

Friday night the event began in earnest with check-in and a a great dinner (again sponsored by Randy Biery and the fine folk at Bluegrass Motorsport). Saturday morning dawned early with the driver’s meeting starting on time giving Green/Yellow students the chance to meet their instructors, if they hadn’t already done so, followed by run group meetings. By 9, folks were getting out on the track: instructors first, followed by Blue, Red and, once they had completed their first classroom sessions, Yellow and Green groups.

By Saturday evening, when the track gates had closed, everyone retired back to the Cambria Suites in Plainfield for showers, beer and dinner, again hosted by Blue Grass Motorsports.

The KYPCA event has become one of the premier HPDE events not only across our region, but nationwide for the professionalism and  organization by the KYPCA staff, and also by the level of sponsorship shown by Randy Biery and team at Blue Grass Motorsports. It’s not just the driving and the education, both of which are first rate, but it’s the water set out for members, the dinners at the host hotel, and an event that proceeds like clock work according to schedule

Huge kudos and appreciation go out to the KYPCA staff in organizing and managing this event. In no particular order, big thank you’s go out to:

  • Jeremy Miller
  • Mark Bos
  • Jason Miller
  • Chuck Hicks
  • Dan Stewart
  • Richard Darnell
  • Peg Hoffman