March 2019 President’s Report

Hey everyone sorry for being late and missing last month’s president notes. I have been busy with being a part of the Werks Reunion and Festival of Speed in Amelia Island Florida. And soooo had the Club, with planning this year’s events. T.H. Morris and Edward Hessel our activity chairs have planned a fun and exciting event schedule. Check it out on our web sight and on Facebook. We have completed three events already and Spring is only a week old. Wow, pick the event you would like to attend and put it on your calendar and plan on being there. And don’t forget to plan on attending one or both of our DE events. Even if you don’t want to drive in the event. Just come up to Putnam Raceway Park and join in the fun.

I just got back from the PCA Zone 13 presidents meeting in Chicago. The National Club is doing well. With 83,482 primary members (a 4.8 % growth) 45,877 co-members (3.15% growth) with a total of 129,359 members nationwide which includes Canada. Another interesting statistic compiled by PCA National is the number of Porsche vehicles in The Kentucky Region area vs the number of KYPCA members at the end of 2018. Number of total Kentucky vehicles registered is 2,085 and the number of PCA members cars are 310. Primary membership market share is only 15%. Which mean we have major room for growth. That also compares the number of sports cars at 27% with the number of 4-Door Porsches at 38%. Looks like we truly need to get our 4-Door friends involved some how some way. Any suggestion??

The National web sight is being updated to be more user friendly. And I suggest that all members establish a log-in account on the National web page. There’s a ton of information there for the asking. One new item which has been implemented is SIM Racing supported by I Racing, started on March 23rd. Each race will be streamed live on every Friday afternoon check the web page for details.

National will also be making available 4:1 for all SUV owners/Panamera 4-door cars a monthly e-newsletter. It is available to sign up for this service at

Thanks for reading my report. The April meeting will be at Joe’s Older that Dirt in Lyndon. Come for the social gathering at 6:30, meeting starts at 7.

Please drink responsibly.

Steve McCombs, 2019 KYPCA president