President’s Report September 2016

The year is just flying by. September is here, school is starting and hopefully the heat is backing off. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the heat, over the icy cold any day. Our Club is still in a heat up mode, with the September 10th-11th DE coming up and more driving tours from our activity chairs. I would like to push the Huber Winery drive on October 15th. It is only seven weeks away and it will be our 15th continuous anniversary meet up with three to four other PCA Regions. It’s always a good time and it’s really close. Please plan on attending. Let’s try to have the largest gathering of KyPCA members ever at Huber’s that day!

I would like to thank the new members for getting involved and going on the drives and especially doing the DE events. The monthly meetings are attended by at least two new members each month. I feel it is very important for the existing membership to make the new people feel welcome and a part of the Club. Our Region is growing and with new people comes new ideas. So I ask this year’s new members to help us out with some new ideas and suggestions. Maybe you might want to do a drive or even a tour of your business. We’re blessed to have some very talented people as members, why not share those talents with the membership? We haven’t preformed any Tech secessions, or helpful events, even if it isn’t directly Porsche related. I ask you just to give it a thought and think outside the box. Maybe, just maybe, some of us would be interested and attend an activity, demo, presentation, or what ever (as long as you’re not selling something). We’ve never promoted that and we can start now.

Also keep in mind that our Officer elections happen at our November meeting. So if you would like to run for office please let us know. I will need a nomination chair volunteer for gathering candidates for 2017 offices. Please let me know at the September meeting or email me if you are interested. As a side note, I would love to return as president for a second term, if you will have me. But remember, all positions are open.

Keep getting involved with the Club. We are in the best position we have ever been with activities, dinner meeting, DE events, and most important of all, great car people.

See you at the September meeting:

Mammas, Mustard, Pickles & Barbecue
102 Bauer Ave.
St. Matthews

Steve McCombs, 2016 President

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