President’s Report – September 2009

Wow this year is flying by, September is upon us. That means Fall colors so let’s go for a ride and/or test your driving skills at the October DE event. The August meeting was well attended and the center of discussion was on the 50th Anniversary Party. It’s important to note there will be formal invitations mailed out to all existing members. You are requested to fill it out, attach your check, and mail it back to the committee before Sept. 9th. That is the only way you will be counted as a guest for this event. There will be no pay at the door for this event. Please check the website for updates on this event.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me “How do I get email updates on events and happenings concerning the Club?” I can’t stress enough about our new website. It is one of the best out there, award winning even. It’s there for you to use and be informed. It’s the best, and main way, to get email updates sent to you. Sign in at and opt in to receive emails. This is a sure way to find out the latest info about the club.

September needs a sponsor to plan a drive somewhere. Anyone interested??? The main event for September is to attend the 356 Registry event Sept 11 thru 13th. There is a drive planned for Saturday Sept 12th to go to the West Baden Hotel near French Lick, Indiana. Check the website and the PaceSetter for details. This is a very important event for the 356 guys and the Kentucky Region should support with a strong showing of membership and cars. If you need more information contact Ken Daugherty.

Elections for Club offices are around the corner. The president position is the main attention at this point. This is a very important position and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Commitment and leadership is what will be required to keep this Club advancing. Challenging times are ahead of us. We’ll also need more involvement from new members for the continuing success of the DE events which is a very important part of the funding for events in the future.

I’ve have been president for two years now. And according to our bylaws, that’s all the time I can hold this office. I set out to accomplish several things during my terms, and I’m very proud to say they have been accomplished. First was to improve the attendance at the monthly membership meeting by making them interesting, fun, and at various venues/ restaurants. Second was to support the development of a strong website to get the word out. Thanks to Mark and Chad, and the solid original base work of Jerry Hunt, we have an award winning website which makes me very proud to be at the helm for this accomplishment. If you would like to hold that office, and you feel you have things to offer, please fill in a ballot form for yourself. We need that leadership.

As a final point, we all know we are usually quick to criticize people and usually lack complementing someone. I would like to truly thank Belinda Schweinhart for spending hours each month putting together the PaceSetter newsletter. Belinda does an excellent job in making it look and read professionally. And I’m sure she would be the first to say, “just think what it could be like, if people would submit articles.” Once again, Thank You Belinda, for all of your endless hours of support to the Kentucky Region. My hopes are that you stay on as Editor for a long time…

See ya at the September meeting at El Tarasco’s again.