In this June’s President’s report, I would like to thank our DE Chair Jeremy Miller along with Mark Bos and Richard Darnell for another fantastic DE event June 5th and 6th.  It was a huge success. I would also like to thank our entire crew (Jason & Jim Miller, Gene & Peggy Hoffman, T.H. Morris, Chuck Hicks, and Dan Stewart) for their endless time and effort. But most importantly I would like thank Randy Biery and his crew at Bluegrass Motorsports Porsche for everything. You guys are very special to the success of the KYPCA DE events. And to think, in just a little over three months, we’ll be doing it all over again! Awesome.

The Club has also been very busy with drives and events here in May and June. T.H Morris and Edward Hessel have already completed six wonderful drives with many more to come. And Joe and Jane Galownia hosted a totally outstanding wine party that gets bigger and better each year. Thank you all so much for your hard work to make it so. There is really something for everyone. 2016 is truly the most active year in the history of this club.

Over the past three months I have received notices each week from National on new members. That’s twelve and counting. I ask the new members to get involved and go on some of these drives and events. I assure you will have fun. Our auto detail tech session went well and I believe the club will have a new advertising sponsor from it.

 From National:

Caren Cooper was voted in as the 2017 President. I have met Caren and she is a huge plus for the Club. Other offices were voted in on this past Sunday by a teleconference vote.

National has moved forward with purchasing the next door office condo to assist in the growth of PCA National offices. And the property was paid for in full ($400k) from excess funds. Great things are in store for the future growth of the Club.

Sad news, Pete Stout, the editor of the Panorama, is moving on. Pete has been responsible for making the magazine what it is today. But thankfully, Pete has trained an excellent team on how to publish this wonderful magazine. So we shouldn’t see any changes to the look and feel of it.

National membership count total as of May 2016 is 116,611. Only thing to be said is, wow.

Porsche AG updates: 2016 sales year-to-date is up 7.3 % over last year. And a interesting fact—Porsche doesn’t build a car until it is sold. The Factory doesn’t have room to store unsold cars like the US manufactures do. So year-to-date, Porsche has built in total 22,226 cars and SUVs. Maybe the US auto makers should take notes from Porsche on inventory control. Just saying…

For next month’s meeting we’re heading to a completely different part of Louisville than we usually do. We’re heading to Mike Linnigs on the river. So we’ll enjoy outdoor eating and really good fish dinners.

See you then.

Steve McCombs, KYPCA President


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