President’s Report – July 2009

Wow everyone! The Summer of ’09 is upon us.

By now we have had the Drive to Leavenworth and another successful DE event. Many thanks to
Jeremy, Mark, Richard, Jerry, Dan, John and others, and especially BlueGrass Porsche for their
unending support.

We’ve been having a really nice turn out for the monthly meeting and I encourage others to attend –
especially our new members. Please come out and see what you’re missing.

July is a busy month with something happening every weekend. The re-scheduled Drive In Movie
Night is July 11th. The drive to the Keeneland Concours is July 18th. And the Drive up to P2O
(Porsches to Oxford) is July 25th. Plan on attending at least one of these events, if not all of them…

Next month’s meeting will be at BlueGrass Porsche Dealership July 13th at 7:00pm.

We now have a date and a plan for the 50th Party. It will be Sept 19th at the Louisville Palace. This
will be a cocktail attire event with dinner and a band and we’re planning on parking on Fourth Street.

More details to come…….Hope to see each and every one of you at this big Event.

See you soon,

Steve McCombs