Presidents Report – January 2009

Happy New Year! Wow, it’s 2009 and we are planning a lot of fun and interesting events this year. Hopefully we’ll have our calendar filled in by February’s PaceSetter. And our website will be up and running too.  As the outgoing and incoming President, I would like to thank all of last year’s officers and appointed (volunteer) positions for their hard work and also thank everyone who agreed to stay on for 2009.

These folks do a great service for our club to keep things run smoothly and a lot of it is behind the scenes. Thanks again!  Here are just some of the ideas we’ve come up with. We’re planning a Wine Tasting in early February.  This time it will be on a Thursday evening at some place nice, details to come. In March the Membership Meeting will be held at Tony & John’s new shop (Stuttgart Specialists) where we’ll plan on a real tech session. Plan on getting your hands dirty! We are planning on two DE’s again in 2009 (watch the June and Oct time frames). These fill up quickly, so be on the lookout for notices early. We are also planning drives to various places April through August, and as always September and October are very busy months so plan to attend. We’ll also do our annual Drive-In Movie night with Mark Lichtefeld. Our plans also include some drives with other car clubs. If anyone has suggestions, let us know. And as always, this is your CLUB. We all have something to offer and make the group interesting and fun. So please plan on being involved. I am positive that you will have a good time. We are ALWAYS open for suggestions on things to do – just let it be known….  I’m looking forward to a fun 2009 KY PCA New Year.

Steve McCombs
(2009 president)