President’s Report – December 2011

Well the holidays are here and the end of another successful year for The Kentucky Region is at hand. The election of officers for the 2012 calendar year has been completed in a different way than expressed in our By-Laws. The difference is that all of the same officers for 2011 were voted in by “acclamation”. Why you ask, because there wasn’t anyone new interested in extending their name for any of the positions. Thus, no new names so no ballots were issued in the newsletter. So fortunately or not, the membership is stuck with the same cabinet as last year.

2011 holds some challenges for us. We’ll have two DE’s in 2012 because money has been allocated for that and the key DE team is still intact. I am extending a plea to the membership and asking for someone or several people who would be interested in helping with next year’s activities. You can be as creative as you want, but keep in mind this is a Porsche club and drives are important. As President, I would love to see one or several of our new members step up for the challenge. Please consider it and give me a call.

I would like, at this time, to wish all of you a most wonderful holiday season and the very best of everything for 2012. Also, my thanks go out to the Officers of The Kentucky Region for helping us making 2011 a great year. And to the membership for the outstanding attendance to the monthly meeting. I truly believe it’s been a fun time for all who were there. I would also like to thank Randy Biery, all of his guys and BlueGrass Motorsports for their continued support of The Kentucky Region PCA. We truly have an excellent relationship/partnership. Best wishes to everyone and we’ll see you at the December meeting at the BlueGrass Porsche dealership.

Steve McCombs