President’s Report – August 2012

I would like to announce that Gene Hoffman has accepted the position as our new Membership Chair. Gene and I discussed that we need to canvas the membership to acquire each member’s latest email account name/address so we can make sure everyone gets the club’s timely information. I’m also asking the membership to go on line to and sign up. I’ve had several people in the last week or so ask about some events that have been posted in the new online digital PaceSetter. This tells me there are still members out there that are not getting information about club events.

During Parade, the National officers had a meeting to discuss various business matters concerning the Club. One of those bits of information discussed and voted on was to have the Panorama available as a digital copy on line at I believe this form of media will be available sometime in mid Fall this year. It was also sighted that the Porsche Club of America is growing at a rate of 2% per month where all other major Car Club memberships are sharply dropping off. I think the Porsche Club must be doing something better than all the rest. That brings me to a question I’ve asked month after month about our Region’s activities. Is there anything that we can do to make things more interesting and fun so we can encourage more involvement from our membership? If it looks like we’re limited in our activities, it’s because we need new and fresh ideas— and people interested in putting them on. Is anyone out there? Is anyone even reading this? Heck who knows, we could have a huge turn out for something new.

We did have a nice turn out of 17 cars for the drive over to the Keeneland Concours. The weather was nice and the event was packed. And we took scenic Old Frankfort Pike over to Keeneland, always a great road. If you missed it, there’s always next year and the Mustang will be their Featured Marque. We’re planning a big Porsche gathering for the Louisville Concours this year which is Sunday October 7th. Look for details soon. Cars n Coffee at Captains Quarters is getting huge. Even though this is not a KyPCA event we have a large number of members that come out for this Saturday morning get together. Next one is August 11th.

See you soon,

Steve McCombs