President’s Report – April 2009

Hey everyone, so far 2009 is turning into a really strong year for the Kentucky Region. Our attendance at
the monthly meeting keeps growing and those who attend are having a good time. People are staying around
longer and we have new members attending each meeting. The March meeting was our first Tech session
meeting, at Tony’s place, Stuttgart Specialists. And I wanted to tell Tony, thanks for offering up your shop
for the meeting and the Tranny tear down session. It’s definitely something we would like to repeat later on
this year.

We also completed our first KY PCA Wine Tasting at L&N restaurant and I do have to say it was a first
class event. Steven Rountree did a wonderful job in his choice of wines and his description of the styles, the
locations where they were grown and where the wines were made. I would like to have seen more members
attend. It was truly one of those times, if you weren’t there, you really missed it. Thanks Steven, for doing
this and I think it‘s something we should do again in the September time frame.
We have new PCA window stickers stating our 50th Anniversary and if you are interested in getting any you
can send Ken Daugherty a self addressed/stamped envelope and he’ll send them to you. Or you can get
them at the monthly Club meetings.

The warm weather is here, or should I say close enough. Start looking at the web site for the Club sponsored
drives and the forum section for those last minute get togethers. On the 7th there were 12 P-cars that got
together and went for a country drive. These are always fun and you can stay as long as you like or duck out
when ever. Which brings up the point: If there’s something that you would like to do, our have the Club
involved with, let us know. It’s now easier than ever by placing a post in the forum section of our web site.
The next two Club meetings will be at Pig City BBQ on Shelbyville Road in Middletown. Hopefully the
weather will allow us to have the front deck area. Hope to see you at one of the events this month.

Steve McCombs