Pacesetter December 2014


President’s Report – April 2013

Welcome! April is now upon us, but judging from the weather you wouldn’t know, seems winter doesn’t want to let go this year! I guess we were spoiled last year with a very mild winter. Cars n Coffee is now in full swing. I went to the March meeting and the weather was sunny but […]

Pacesetter December 2013


PCA Mission

The Porsche has no equal, and since 1955, the Porsche Club of America has catered to the particular needs and interests of the Porsche owner. Our main mission is to heighten the Porsche owning and driving experience, which we accomplish by meeting a number of objectives: to promote the highest standards of courtesy and safety […]

President’s Report – March 2013

Hello Fellow Porsche Fans, March is upon us and that means basketball and March Madness. Being from England, basketball is not followed as keenly as it is here in the States. We tend to watch football, or soccer, as its better known over here. To be honest I’m not a fan of either; I used […]

Pacesetter December 2012


President’s Report – February 2013

Hello KY PCA Members! February is the month to celebrate love. Have you seen the new Cayman? Love at first sight! I just got the brochure for it in the mail the other day and it’s beautiful. I think it may be a bit optimistic to expect one of those for Valentine’s Day but I’m […]

Pacesetter December 2011


President’s Report – January 2013

Welcome! Let me take a few lines to introduce myself as your new KYPCA President. My wife Lucy and I are avid Porsche fans and have a mini fan in the making, our one year old daughter Sasha. I have been an active member of the Kentucky region since 2009 and I was first introduced […]

Pacesetter December 2008