President’s Report January 2016

Happy 2016 New Year to everyone. I’m back in the driver’s seat once again, grabbing on to the wheel of the best PCA Region anywhere. I hope with some luck and help from the greatest team of officers we could put together, that we can make this coming year even more fun and exciting – and with the help from T.H. and his fun and interesting drive events, and Jeremy and crew with another year of awesome DE’s.

I look forward to meeting all the new members and speaking with all of the active members to see what you like or don’t like, about the direction our Club is going, also to let you have a voice in making this Club worth spending your time and effort, from your busy day, to attend activities. I thank all of you in advance, for your trust in me. I look forward to all your support to make KYPCA the Club to belong to.

I would like to thank Blue Grass Porsche and Randy Biery for their continued support of the KYPCA DE events. Their involvement with us is very special and is like no other within all of PCA. Thanks to Jeremy Miller, Richard Darnell and crew for their unmatched anywhere effort and attention to details on conducting some truly great DE events.
And thanks to T.H. Morris for planning and pulling off some of the most fun and interesting drives, to which I hope he can better himself with events for 2016. Also thanks to Jason Miller, our Past President, for driving this performance Porsche Club month-in and month-out for the past two years.

We have some work to do. But with the help, support, and involvement of all our members we can do really fun things. Isn’t that what it really all about? Fun and friendship for now and the foreseeable future!

Best regards,
Steve McCombs

Next meeting will be:

El Tarasco Restaurant
110 Fairfax Ave
St. Matthews

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