July 2017 Anniversaries

38 Grover Potts Louisville, KY 1983 911 SC
27 Richard & Ian Collins Bowling Green, KY 1989 911 Turbo, Grand PriX White
22 David & Ellen Bland Fisherville, KY 1969 911S Yellow
21 Francis Gardner & Kathryn Mershon Louisville, KY 1987 911 Turbo
17 Jon & Carla Newlin French Lick, IN 1984 911 Carrera
16 Patrick & Rachel Strehl Louisville, KY 2006 Boxster S Blue
15 Joseph & Diana Bocuzzi Louisville, KY 2007 911 Carrera
11 Mitchell & Sidney Prospect, KY 2012 911 Turbo S White
7 Kenneth & Ellen Rabaneck Louisville, KY 1968 912 White
7 Clarence & Donna Rode Louisville, KY 2006 Boxster S Gray
5 Jeffery McLennan Louisville, KY 1997 Boxster Silver
4 Walter & Kimberly Beck Bowling Green, KY 2009 911 Carrera S Cab Black
4 William & Bonnie Young Crestwood, KY 2013 Boxster Silver
3 William Chapman Crestwood, KY 2015 Macan S
2 Ken & Jessica Berry Louisville, KY 2016 Cayman
2 George & John Burkley Louisville, KY 2012 Boxster Spyder Black
2 Dennis DeWitt & Yvonne Legrande Louisville, KY 2014 911 Carrera S Silver
2 William Engle Louisville, KY 1970 911T
2 Ed Skees Georgetown, KY 2003 911 Carrera 4S Lapis Blue Metallic
2 Dave Taylor Lewisport, KY 1980 911 SC Targa
1 James Allgood Prospect, KY 2016 Boxster Spyder Silver
1 Robert F. Baker Louisville, KY 2015 Cayman S White
1 Chris Fadel Goshen, KY 2005 911 Turbo S Black
1 Andy Hall Crestwood 1988 944S Black
1 Richard & Susan Munroe Prospect, KY 2002 911 Turbo Black
1 Phil Whitaker Prospect, KY 2004 911 Turbo Cab Black

June 2017 Panorama

The new Pano came in a few days ago but I just got a chance to scan it this morning as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee. I find that I jump quickly to the “From the Regions” section. Thanks to Anthony M. for consistently getting our drives written up and submitted. If you have gotten into the habit of leaving this great magazine in its plastic wrapper, then you have incentive to open it up and see if your car was in our submitted photo.  – posted 6/26/17

Upcoming Drive Reminder – Check your email

Email reminders have gone out for the upcoming drive this weekend (6/17/17).  Details are included in the email and are also available on the Facebook Activity page.

Club Activity Update

First up, the August 20th drive to Hofbrauhaus Newport has been saved. Jim Doll has stepped up and will be leading the drive. I have made reservations for a group of 20 at 1 PM. The route is a little over 2 1/2 hours so leaving at 10 AM should provide for a sufficient pause about halfway through the ride to relieve any pressure that may have built up from your morning coffee. I do need to know if you are going as I will need to provide a headcount to the restaurant by the end of next week. Please respond to this message no later than Thursday August 18th if you plan to attend and indicate if you will have a co-pilot. A big thanks to Jim for jumping in to help out!

The next item to address is the September 24th drive to the Kentucky Horse Park. This drive has been re-purposed with a visit to Barrell House Distillery which is located in Lexington. I was talking to the owner and he seems rather excited to have a parking lot full of our vehicles and has been most accommodating to our tour request. Immediately next door is the excellent ice cream maker Crank & Boom which I suspect may get a visit from a couple of our drivers. As I have looked into this more, I learned that there is a whole collection of new businesses by the distillery. This area is called Pepper Campus and you can learn more about it on their website: http://www.peppercampus.com

President’s Report October 2014

Jason Miller – KY Region President

Wow! September was a GREAT month. It started with the best club drive I personally have ever been on, and the behind the scenes “hard hat” tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery wasn’t bad either. You know it’s an awesome drive when your wife screams and reminds you, “We have a daughter at home that you say you love!!” Thanks Edward and Stasia Hessel.

The drive was followed up with our largest Monthly Membership Meeting to date at Bravo’s. New and old faces came together to break bread, have a drink, and you guessed it….talk about THAT drive.

As if this wasn’t enough, September 12-14 KYPCA once again took over Putnam Park for our Fall Fastival DE. The weather was fantastic, a bit chilly in the mornings, but fantastic. If you have yet to experience one of our DE’s, it is truly a must. For those of you that were there, thank you for your continued support. A BIG thank you to Randy Biery and the Bluegrass Porsche staff for their continued support without which these DE’s would not be possible. Thanks must also be given to the many club members who gave up their time to plan, run, and instruct. If you see Randy, his Bluegrass staff, or any of the club DE staff please take a moment to express your gratitude. Go ahead and mark your calendar for the June 2015 DE, honestly there is nothing more fun.

Now bring on October. The club has purchased 50 tickets to the French Lick Concours Sunday, October 5. There will be a club drive and tickets will be handed out the morning of. Check your e-mail for further details. October will be rounded out with our Annual Huber’s Drive on October 25 with CIR PCA.

Our October meeting will be Monday, October 13 at Bluegrass Motorsport. The meeting starts at 7pm, but many arrive as early as 6:30. Pizza and beer will be served.

Jason Miller

Porsche 2 Ohio – Pre-Registration Open

P2O™ organizers are happy to announce the opening of Pre-Registration for 2012 Porsches 2 Ohio.  Pre-Registration ensures your spot in the event, includes complimentary gifts, and helps organizers plan your attendance.

For the eighth annual P2O™, we are very excited to be moving the event to Granville, OH.  The dates for P2O™ are July 27-29, 2012.

You can visit our registration page here: REGISTER!!

Be sure to visit our website for updates and information on this years event.

History of PCA

Bill Sholar was a commercial artist in the Washington, D.C. area in the early 1950s. He also was an admirer of well-designed automobiles, and thus purchased his first Porsche, a 1953 356 Coupe. As time passed, Bill met other Porsches on the road, always blinking his headlights in silent greeting. By late 1954 Bill was convinced that a more personal meeting would be appropriate with other Porsche owners to discuss the positive and not-so-positive aspects of driving the infrequently encountered marque. Following a first gathering February 8, 1955 at the Sholar house, several Porsche owners occasionally got together that spring and summer to share knowledge about the unique cars they drove. Eventually they decided to start a club. A brief paragraph in the August 1955 issue of Sports Car Illustrated informed readers that a Porsche club was being formed in the United States; all inquiries were directed to Bill Sholar’s attention. Additionally, the Porsche factory was petitioned for recognition of the proposed club. Unofficially referring to themselves as “the gripe group,” they officially titled the new organization the Porsche Club of America, and held their first business meeting on September 13, 1955 at Blackie’s Grille in Washington, D.C. . Thirteen prospective members showed up but one had to reluctantly be asked to leave when she revealed that she owned not a Porsche but a Volkswagen, which didn’t qualify under the club bylaws, which remain in effect today. Those in attendance at that first meeting were Bill Sholar, Karl Grimm, Peter Pearman, Ken Twigg, Frank Beckett, Gamble Mann, Fred Schulenburg, Bob Flick, Bob Elliott, Ray Pitts, Harvey Brown, and Don Carr. Sholar was elected President and a release was sent to the factory magazine Christophorus, introducing the Porsche Club of America to other Porsche enthusiasts. Word spread, and the 64 Porsche drivers who joined before January 1956 were designated as charter members.

As more and more members joined outside the Washington area, Regions were formed in other communities. The original Washington group eventually became Potomac Region, which remained the hub of activities. First appearing in December 1955, the club’s monthly magazine, Porsche Panorama, kept all members, both nearby and remote, appraised of the latest technical information, factory news and events planned.

Early in 1956, Potomac Region arranged the first Porsche Parade as a gathering of all PCA members, and a blanket invitation was extended to all PCAers. Held at the Washingtonian Motel in Gaithersburg, Maryland, from August 29 through September 1, 1956, this first national convention drew 64 PCA members. Apart from a rally, a gymkhana, and technical tips from the factory service reps present, there was plenty of time for socializing and pit talk. Living up to its name, this Parade (and several others later) featured an actual parade of Porches through local streets.

By the time of the second Parade, there were 550 members in 21 Regions, mostly in the eastern U.S. Besides including a concours d’elegance for the first time, this 1957 Parade saw the first national officers elected from outside the founding Region, starting a trend that developed the club into a truly nationwide and, later, international organization.

These early days always saw a group of PCA members at local and national sports car races. Many PCAers who spent weekends racing their Porsches came out as winners; such drivers as Art Bunker, Bob Holbert, Lake Underwood and Charlie Wallace were beginning to develop Porche’s “giant killer” reputation in this country.

With Max Bunnell as president, the 1958 Parade moved to New York State. That year also saw Sholar come up with something new for PCA members: a trip to the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. Eighty-one members made that first Treffen aboard a prop-driven Lufthansa Super Constellation, arriving to a welcome from not only the factory, but also many of the German Porsche Clubs. The Treffen presented the attractive option of taking delivery of a new Porsche at the factory, a tradition that is still available today. In October of that same year Sholar was appointed PCA’s Executive Secretary, a job he held until 1962, running the day-to-day operations of the club with the help of a part-time secretary.

The Parade moved west for the first time when Rocky Mountain Region hosted the 1960 Parade in Aspen, Colorado. This event featured Dr. Ferry Porsche’s first appearance at a Parade. Early in 1961, PCA appointed its first committee chairman to develop the club’s activities even further and to coordinate activities at the Parade. This proved to be a great asset to the club, as over 250 PCAers attended the Sixth Parade. After only six years, PCA had earned the reputation as one of the best sports car clubs in the world.

In 1963 Sholar moved to a new position with Porsche of America Corporation, the U.S. importer. Before he did so, PCA’s founder recommended his secretary, Jane Nestlerode, as his replacement as Executive Secretary. Until her retirement in 1980, Jane became synonymous with PCA National, running the office out of her home and serving the needs of a membership that grew over 800% during her tenure. Charter PCAer Ken Twigg was elected President in 1963 and PCA membership reached 2000 for the first time. The 1963 Treffen saw 40 PCAers take delivery of a car at the factory. Through the mid-1960s PCA racers continued to provide Porsche with SCCA victories, as Bruce Jennings, charter PCAer Don Wester, Bert Everett, Joe Buzzetta and others carried the Porsche banner into winners’ circles across America in cars ranging from the ever-competitive Speedster to the more exotic Spyders, 904, and 906. Regions were not confined to the continental U.S. as Germany and Hawaii formed Regions in the early sixties.

Although each Region held a wide variety of events and meetings, the Parade became the pinnacle of PCA activity and the focal point for friendships among far-flung Porsche enthusiasts. By the late 1960s a typical Parade kept 500 entrants busy for an entire week, not to mention the time spent in preparation and travel. Classes in speed events and concours increased as the club’s focus expanded to include all the models Porsche has given us. The Parade rally offered classes for both equipped and unequipped cars. 2001 found 1,300 Porsche people at the 46th Parade, in Milwaukee, WI celebrating the newest Porsche, the Carrera GT.

PCA has experienced exceptional growth, not only in members, but in the quality of its events and services. PCA serves over 97,000 members in 139 local Regions. PCA concours standards are second to none. Multiple national committees help members with technical problems, insurance valuations, event safety, public relations, and Region newsletters. Through its legislative liaison, PCA has a respected profile in Washington, DC, enjoying an excellent rapport with legislators. Activities today range from autocrossing, rallying, concours, and socializing to growing interests in restoration, Porsche history, and PCA Club Racing. A revised “Treffen” allows PCA members to visit the factory works in Stuttgart and the R & D unit at Weissach. The Club functions like a finely tuned Porsche.

One of the objectives stated in PCA’s Bylaws is to promote the enjoyment and sharing of goodwill and fellowship engendered by owning a Porsche. Based on its steady growth in members, regions and events over the years, PCA is definitely achieving that objective. Come JOIN us.

Activities Notes

In looking at the calendar for April there are so many other things happening that it didn’t seem possible to put together a drive with Spring break, Easter, Thunder and all the other Derby events. However, I am certainly up for meeting members at local events such as The Great Steamboat Race or the Balloon Glow. Or, maybe we could take a ride down River Road and have lunch at Captain’s Quarters?

Most likely we will schedule a drive on May 25 or 26. Then our Driver’s Education (DE) is planned for June 7-9. If you’ve never been to one of our Driver’s Education track events, then this is your chance. It’s a lot of safe fun and our Club hosts one of the best in the country, so please join us. It’s always sold out, you’ll see a lot of really nice fast cars, and meet some really great people. Details are posted on our website’s homepage: www.KyPCA.org.

Cars n Coffee is restarting, which is always the second Saturday of each month.

P2O was short for “Porsches to Oxford”. However, now it’s called “Porsches to Ohio” and it’s located in Granville, Ohio east of Columbus. This year it is scheduled for the weekend of July 26- 28. Registration is already open and all the details can be found on our website’s link. You can also visit: p2o.morpca.org

Please remember, it’s OUR Club. If you have an idea of something fun to do, maybe you’d like to host a party/cookout, have a particular destination that you’d like to drive to, have a charity event idea…please let someone know. There are many members that we don’t even know and we’d like to see/hear from you, so please join us at our monthly meetings and come to our events.

Potential Biltmore Estate Overnight Trip. It has been discussed several times over the last year or so that it would be fun to visit the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina. This would require an over-night stay and more planning than usual. If anyone is really serious about going to the Biltmore Estate then please contact me directly.

Steven Rountree

mille Event 2011 – Peachtree Region

To coincide with four major Porsche Milestones; the 60th Anniversary of Porsche in the USA, the 51st Anniversary of the Porsche Club of America Peachstate Region, the 25th Anniversary of the Porsche 944 Turbo and the 25th Anniversary of the Porsche 959 , TheMille.com is embarking on a challenge that will be a record breaking attempt! The current Guinness World Record is 2325 and was set in Germany 2008 by Ingo Robener with PorscheFreude, thats an amazing number of Porsche. Its time to show our American pride and lets break the record! My official Guinness World Records Membership # 317991 and our official record claim # 361886. We will also take the time to celebrate the Porsche Aftermarket.

I’d like to thank Porsche Cars North America for their help and generosity. THANK YOU PORSCHE!!

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