Run Group Descriptions

All beginning drivers (zero experience) will be placed in the Green group.  All other drivers will range from some past experience to an extensive amount and will be placed accordingly in the upper run groups.  Through the course of the event your driving skills WILL BE critiqued and you may be asked to move down a run group.  Conversely, exhibiting skills beyond your assigned run group may result in a request to advance.  These decisions will be the sole discretion of the Chief Instructor.  The following outlines the minimum skills expected from each run group.

Green (Beginner)

  • Drives the line consistently and correctly (with no help for one session).
  • Drives at an appropriate pace for the group.
  • Demonstrates smooth inputs and finesse.
  • Makes only the odd minor mistake and self corrects.
  • Calm in traffic and passing situations.
  • Anticipates the effects of a slower car in front.
  • Does not follow too closely when far from a passing zone.
  • Neither gives nor accepts late passing signals.
  • Gives passing signals promptly without being reminded.
  • Passes with good safety margins.
  • Exhibits good manners and consideration for other drivers.
  • Displays full knowledge of procedures, flags and driving terminology.
  • Is safe to drive alone.

Yellow (Novice)

Drivers in Yellow are expected to polish their driving skills, increase their confidence and learn more advanced techniques as a pre-requisite to being promoted to Blue. The skills described below are not expected in every Yellow driver, rather only those who are deemed ready for promotion and are in addition to those expected for a Green driver. Promotion to Blue requires a positive recommendation from an instructor and approval by the Chief Instructor. Students can expect a minimum of several full days of instruction, at least 4 solo days, and are encouraged to request further instruction while in Yellow.

  • Drives the line consistently using the full track.
  • Very smooth inputs with emphasis on proper braking.
  • Uses Ocular Vision techniques (looking ahead) in most corners.
  • Carries reasonable momentum into corners.
  • Practices heel and toe braking/downshifting without serious imbalance of the car.
  • Demonstrates competent car control and recovery skills as needed.
  • Prompt and courteous passing signals.
  • Good driving record for two events minimum.
  • Calmly deals with faster traffic and close passing situations.
  • Demonstrates full compliance with Kentucky Region DE philosophy.

Blue (Intermediate)

The Blue Run Group is frequently characterized by a wide range of skills and experience, as drivers gain seat time and work on advancing skills. Blue drivers will be working toward improved consistency, use of Vision and the use of momentum. The following are additions to the skills of Green and Yellow which distinguish a competent driver ready for promotion from Blue to Red. A student can expect to spend one active season in this group.

  • Has requested continued instruction and demonstrates continuing improvement.
  • Drives the line flawlessly and effortlessly.
  • Uses Ocular Vision techniques most of the time.
  • Very smooth inputs both at medium and higher speeds.
  • Uses and can demonstrate trail braking, throttle steer and heel and toe techniques.
  • Carries considerable momentum through corners.
  • Can safely vary the line in any corner (to avoid debris for example).
  • Calmly deals with cars in close proximity.
  • Drives at a pace appropriate to the group and approaching the limitations of their car.
  • Displays a courteous, respectful attitude, avoiding intimidation and overly aggressive behavior.

Red (Advanced)

Promotion to Red requires a positive recommendation from an Instructor and approval by the Chief Instructor. Drivers in the Red Run Group are expected to be expert in all the driving skills taught by KYPCA. The experienced Red driver should be indistinguishable from the average driver in Black. Some Red drivers are in fact Instructors. Some drivers will choose to remain in Red, perfecting their skills, and others will apply to become Instructors.

Black (Instructor)

There is an established procedure for applying to become an Instructor, either as a new instructor or as an experienced instructor from another region. The program description, criteria and application form are available from the Chief Instructor, and application can be made at any time.

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