January 2018 Membership Report

It was a dark and stormy night….actually, it wasn’t, but it was colder than Louisville has any reason to be. Which might explain our low membership numbers for the month. One new member, welcome Scott Welham!, and a prospective member, Troy Luster, who has joined through the Test Drive Program, membership benefits for 6 months while the prospect searches for a Porsche to buy.

On a sadder note, Vaughn M. Stevens, who once served as club Treasurer, passed away in Minnesota, having outlived his wives and son. Besides his service to the club, Vaughn also provided years of service to our schools as a teacher and administrator and in World War II.  We honor Vaughn’s memory.

Five memberships expired in December and our membership numbers for 2017 increased by twelve over last year at this time.

– Primary Members 301
– Affiliate Members 164
– Total Members 465

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