August 2017 President’s Report

President’s Report August 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President


Wow! July was packed with plenty of Porsche activities – The Goodwood Brewery Tour, Keeneland Concours, and Patoka Winery visit were all well attended. Each provided spirited drives and plenty of Porsche comradery.


Don’t forget to join us Friday, July 28 as we close out the month with an annual favorite, making an ice cream run to Polly’s Freeze.


The month of August promises to be just as busy.


PLEASE note an important change. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the August Club meeting will now be at Aspen Creek.


Mark your calendars now for our next DE, the Fall Fastival, September 8, 9, 10. Registration opened Sunday, July 23 at 9am.


Below is a rundown of upcoming events:


  • July 28              Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run
  • August 5            Minstein Pool Party
  • August 14          KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Aspen Creek (behind Oxmoor Mall)
  • August 19          Chihuly Nights – Maker’s Mark
  • August 26         Parade Laps at NCM
  • Sept 8,9,10       KYPCA Fall Fastival
  • Sept 11               KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Gustavo’s Prospect


KYPCA – good activities with great friends “Rain or Shine.” There are still plenty of planned events coming up and there will be more added.  Have an idea for a drive or event?  Share it with us and we will do our best to make it happen.


Our August meeting will be Monday, August 14 at Aspen Creek.  The meeting starts at 7pm.



KYPCA Activity Report for August 2017

The driving season is starting to wind down here in the Bluegrass State with November 1 as our season cut-off. All the more reason to have an event filled August!

We kicked off the month with a backyard pool party at the home of Anthony and Vycki Minstein. A large gathering of members had BBQ dinner, cocktails and evening swim. Members enjoyed backyard mingling and sitting by the lovely pool setting. The street was packed with three blocks of Porsches, joined by one Aston Martin and a 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser. The evening beginning with members standing out front talking cars.

Our 2nd event, a week later, was a drive out to Patoka Lake winery. Event Chairman TH Morris led a group of 12 cars out into the back roads of southern Indiana. After sampling some of the (actually decent) wines, the group had BBQ lunch next door.

Not letting weeds grow under the tires, the club drove south the following weekend for the “Chihuly at Maker’s Mark,” exhibit. Three of the featured works are newly made and the others are works famed sculptor Dale Chihuly has installed in other exhibitions (most often at botanical gardens). We viewed the exhibition in combination with a late afternoon distillery tour, catching the sculptures in evening light. Some members chose to stay for a gourmet dinner, while others chose to return home, avoiding driving on the rural roads in the dark.

Our final event of the month was a visit to the National Corvette Museum (NCM) track where a small but determined group went out for touring laps during lunch break for an in-session DE, a great opportunity to visit with our members residing in the southern part of the state.

Meanwhile, in preparation for our own DE September 9/9 to 9/10, two members of our executive board, Robert Klein (Secretary) and Anthony Minstein (Membership Chair) drove out to Watkins Glen, NY spying out the competition running in the NorthEast Region HPDE. Besides sampling great Italian food, eating ice cream and viewing Mark Twains grave, Robert and Anthony found time to run cars on the magnificent Watkins Glen raceway, truly one of the best in America.

July 2017 President’s Report

President’s Report July 2017

Jason Miller – KY Region President


Another FANTASTIC Summer Heat in the books.  KYPCA DE’s are nothing short of amazing. And, the new surface at Putnam Park is pretty great too!  If you have yet to participate either as a driver or simply as a spectator, what are you waiting for?  Our September Fall Fastival is calling your name.


Thanks to Randy Biery and the Blue Grass Porsche staff for their continued support, without which these DE’s would not be possible.  The weather could not have been better and the weekend was incident free.  PCNA Hot Shoes John Lewis and Cass Whitehead were again on hand the entire weekend providing on track instruction and rides in the brand new Porsche Panamera, these two guys…!  Cass and John have become friends to so many of us.  And, their driving skills, they make it look so easy.


Thanks must also be given to the many club members who continually invest their time to plan, run, and instruct.  There are too many to mention.  But, special thanks go out to Jeremy Miller, Mark Bos, Richard Darnell, Mark Lichtefeld, Chuck Hicks, Dan Stewart, Anthony Minstein, and Gene and Peggy Hoffman.


And, to all our Instructors, THANK YOU!!  Without our Instructors this event does not happen.  This was my first time having two students.  While I truly enjoyed it, I was exhausted!  I am indebted to the many who took the time to instruct me and allow my development as a driver.  We are all lucky to enjoy such an amazing hobby.


Mark your calendars now for our next DE, the Fall Fastival, September 8, 9, 10.  And remember, we will be holding Instructor training at our June 2018 event.


Below is a rundown of upcoming events:


  • July 1 Goodwood Brewery Tour
  • July 10 KYPCA Monthly Meeting
  • July 15 Keeneland Concours
  • July 22 Patoka Lake Winery
  • July 28 Polly’s Freeze Ice Cream Run
  • August 14 KYPCA Monthly Meeting – Oxmoor Country Club
  • August 26 Parade Laps at NCM



Our July meeting will be Monday, July 10 at the home of Bobbie and Jim.  The meeting starts at 7pm.  Bring a chair.  Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Check your e-mail for details, including address.



June 2017 Panorama

The new Pano came in a few days ago but I just got a chance to scan it this morning as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee. I find that I jump quickly to the “From the Regions” section. Thanks to Anthony M. for consistently getting our drives written up and submitted. If you have gotten into the habit of leaving this great magazine in its plastic wrapper, then you have incentive to open it up and see if your car was in our submitted photo.  – posted 6/26/17 Read more