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Own a Porsche? Join the club. Over 100,000 of your fellow Porsche owners already have.

For over 50 years, the Porsche Club of America has been dedicated to enhancing the Porsche ownership experience. No matter what your interest – social, technical, or competitive – PCA has something to offer every Porsche owner.

We know the unbridled joy that owning a Porsche can provide, and we’ve built a community around that very feeling. The Porsche Club of America offers driving experience, technical assistance, member benefits, and camaraderie second to none. Over the years, our club has grown to 144 Regions across North America. We guarantee there is a PCA Region near you filled with friendly Porsche fanatics.

Membership is open to all Porsche owners, co-owners, or lessees who are 18 years of age or older. At the time of joining, the member of record is permitted to name either a relative or other interested person to become an affiliate member, at no additional cost. The family or affiliate member also must be 18 years of age or older.

If you don’t yet own a Porsche but want to join PCA, consider entering our PCA Test Drive program.

PCA membership is available in three payment options:

  • 1 year…..  $46
  • 2 years…  $90
  • 3 years…  $132

Membership dues are payable in U.S. funds by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The fee includes a subscription to Porsche Panorama, PCA’s award-winning monthly magazine and the world’s premier publication dedicated to Porsches.

Membership Benefits

Own a Porsche?

We invite you to join the Porsche Club of America. An extension of the Porsche experience, PCA reaches across the cars and the years to the people. People, like you, who feel passionately about their Porsches and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.


Don’t own a Porsche yet?

Join the PCA Test Drive program, which gives you access to select member benefits, including The Mart, the club’s classified ad service, and a complementary subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s award-winning monthly magazine.

When you join PCA, you become a member of the largest independent, single-marque car club in the world. It’s only fitting that you get a few perks, right?

PCA Test Drive

Join PCA Test Drive

Don’t own a Porsche yet? PCA Test Drive might be for you!

Although membership in PCA requires ownership/lease of a Porsche or that you be in a Porsche-related business, we do offer something for those of you actively trying to become Porsche owners.

The PCA Test Drive program provides you a six-month subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s national monthly magazine, and a temporary account to log on to our website. The magazine provides you with news and feature stories covering all aspects of Porsche as well as technical articles that impart valuable information about the cars we drive. Crucially, the temporary website account gives you online access to hundreds of Porsches for sale by PCA members in The Mart, which is also featured in every issue of Panorama.

Although PCA Test Drive is not a full membership in PCA and does not entitle you to some member benefits (such as attending member-only events, voting, or becoming a member of a Region), Regions may welcome guests and you are encouraged to contact your local PCA Region.

PCA Test Drive is $40 for a six-month subscription (renewable). The fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied toward a membership in whole or in part should you acquire a Porsche and join PCA prior to the expiration of the six-month subscription.

Under 18

PCA Juniors

Registration for the PCA Juniors Program here!

PCA Juniors is a program for Porsche enthusiasts under age 18.

Participants must be registered by an active PCA member.

PCA Mission

The Porsche has no equal, and since 1955, the Porsche Club of America has catered to the particular needs and interests of the Porsche owner. Our main mission is to heighten the Porsche owning and driving experience, which we accomplish by meeting a number of objectives:

  • to promote the highest standards of courtesy and safety on the roads
  • to enjoy and share good will and fellowship engendered by owning a Porsche
  • to maintain the highest standards of operation and performance of the marque
  • to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the Porsche factory, dealers and other service sources
  • to exchange ideas with other Porsche Clubs throughout the world
  • to establish mutually cooperative relationships with other sports car clubs


December 2018 Membership Report

As winter is upon us, not so many activities to report. Some indoor activities in planning include a Porsche Girls night out at a local Massage Envy, our 2nd Annual Tequila Tasting and more.

October 2018 Membership Report

Current Members: 316

Current Co-Members: 177

Total Members: 493

New Members in Sept: 10

September Membership Report

August was relatively quiet for the Kentucky Region. We’re gearing up for our 2nd hosting DE in early September, plus folks are getting ready for the end of summer. Which didn’t stop us from a 3rd ice cream run (our club seems to like events which end with a meal, or with ice cream).

This time, it was a run out to Ghirardelli ice cream parlor at the new Outlet shoppes, just outside of Louisville. We could have taken the freeway; 20 minutes tops, but where is the fun in that? Instead our activity committee created an hour and a half romp through central Kentucky 2 lanes and farm roads. At one point, our train of 16 cars took up the whole road. Lucky for us we didn’t run into a farm tractor coming the other way. The ice cream was good, the drive, better…and the socializing at the ice cream store the best of all.

Our 2nd event was a pool party at the Minstein’s. This has become an annual event, the 2nd year the Minstein’s gave up their backyard and pool for the club. Food and drink again was provided by the club and prepared by the Minsteins. White Castle hamburgers, chicken wings, a grilled salmon (expertly grilled by Vycki Minstein), Tater Tots, Salad and a smoked brisket (smoked by Event Chair TH Morris) laid out under what turned out to be a very pleasant summer evening.

The event ended with a number of swimmers in the pool, and all guests imbibing a dessert of Klondike Bars and Cracker Jack.

Primary Members 305
Affiliate Members 175
Test Drive Members: 1
Total Members 480