June 2017 Anniversaries

Dan & Barbara Stewart 6/1/1979 38 LaGrange KY 1983 911 SC Green  
Mark & Belinda Schweinhart 6/1/1982 35 Goshen KY 1976 911
David & Minda Sermersheim 4/1/1991 26 Louisville KY 1973 914 1.7
William & Ellen Oakley 9/17/2004 13 Simpsonville KY 1991 911 Carrera 2 White
Dick & Judy Schmitt 6/10/2005 12 Louisville KY 1979 911 SC Red
Todd Hartfield & Todd Edlin 10/25/2006 11 Elizabethtown KY 2008 Boxster Silver
Carl & James Baker 6/4/2007 10 Prospect KY 2006 Boxster S Silver
Thomas Zoeller 6/16/2008 9 Louisville KY 2001 Boxster Silver
Robert & Ralinda Gregor 6/2/2009 8 Louisville KY 2006 911 Carrera Red
Robert & Lynn Burkhardt 6/25/2010 7 Louisville KY 2007 Cayman Red
Grant & Elizabeth Quasha 3/12/2010 7 Louisville KY 2001 911 Turbo Silver
Debra Pollock 6/1/2010 7 Bowling Green KY 2008 Cayman
James Davis 6/17/2013 4 Crestwood KY 1995 911 Carrera Green
Robert Fletcher 6/13/2013 4 La Grange KY 1993 968 Red
Bruce Hahn 6/5/2013 4 Paducah KY 2013 911 Carrera S Blue
Larry Cornelius 6/26/2014 3 Crestwood KY 2000 Boxster Red
Craig Rabeneck 6/19/2014 3 La Grange KY 2012 Cayman R Green
William Addison 6/23/2015 2 Louisville KY 2011 Panamera
David Gardner 6/8/2015 2 Fort Knox KY 2011 Cayman White
Bob Meinorn 6/15/2015 2 Fisherville KY 1958 356 cabriolet
Bob Melhorn 6/22/2015 2 Fisher Ills KY 1958 356
Mark Pichea 6/25/2015 2 Prospect KY 2005 911 Carrera
Michael Venable 6/1/2015 2 Hopkinsville KY 2005 911 Carrera Blue
Chase Abell 6/26/2016 1 Louisville KY 2017 Macan S
John Davis 6/13/2016 1 Borden IN 2016 Boxster Spyder Carrera White Metallic
Stephen Goddin 6/10/2016 1 Prospect KY 2013 911 Carrera S Black
William Pustow 6/24/2016 1 Louisville KY 2016 Macan Turbo Gray
Richard Rasey 6/1/2016 1 Prospect KY 2004 911 Carrera 4 Gray

Welcome New Members – May 2017

David Wise               Louisville, KY           2013 Panamera GTS Basalt Black

William Fortner      Floyds Knobs, IN     2011 911 Turbo S Cabriolet Ruby Red

November 2009 New Members

William Pollock
Alvaton, Ky 2008 Cayman

Mollie C & Ron Turnier,
Louisville, Ky 2007 CVU

Transfers in:

Sandra K Arnold
Louisville, Ky 2008 997

Chad & Heather Raine
Louiville, Ky 2002 911

November 2009 Anniversaries

1989 L.E. Wood
1997 Paul Hanlon
1997 Thomas Klamer MD
1997 Charles Hicks
1998 Peter McHugh
1998 Joey Barclay
2001 Greg Wilson
2002 Edgar Smiley
2004 J. Robert Westerman
2004 Gary Miller
2004 Joseph Dalton
2005 William Giles
2006 Andy Dzentis
2007 Benjamin Bale
2007 Frederick Hardin
2008 Stephen Roundtree
2008 Lee Hoagland
2008 Kenneth Dennison
2008 Joseph Orr

PCA Mission

The Porsche has no equal, and since 1955, the Porsche Club of America has catered to the particular needs and interests of the Porsche owner. Our main mission is to heighten the Porsche owning and driving experience, which we accomplish by meeting a number of objectives:

  • to promote the highest standards of courtesy and safety on the roads
  • to enjoy and share good will and fellowship engendered by owning a Porsche
  • to maintain the highest standards of operation and performance of the marque
  • to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the Porsche factory, dealers and other service sources
  • to exchange ideas with other Porsche Clubs throughout the world
  • to establish mutually cooperative relationships with other sports car clubs


October 2009 Anniversaries

1997 Richard Mayes
1997 David Wilson
1978 Ken Daugherty
1991 Marc Olshansky
1994 John Hora
1997 Thomas Hoffman
1998 William Duncan III
1999 Frank Hagans
2000 Charles Jones
2003 William Stang
2004 Julian Gabbard
2004 Johnny Makhoul
2007 Douglas Kaffenberger
2008 Michael Clark

Membership Benefits

When you become a Porsche Pusher, you become a member of the largest independent, single marque club in the world. It’s only fitting that you get a few perks, right? For starters, you will receive a free subscription to Porsche Panorama, our award-winning monthly magazine. You will also have access to these additional benefits:

  • Local Regions with local newsletters and events. (Some regions have additional fees and requirements).
  • Vast technical publications — Up-Fixin der Porsche (Vol. 1-11 — reprints of all technical articles ever appearing in Porsche Panorama, organized by year of original publication, fully indexed).
  • Tech Committee available to answer your questions. Specialists for all models plus exteriors/interiors and historic race cars.
  • Valuation committee to help you establish the value of your Porsche for insurance purposes.
  • Access to specialized insurance for Porsches that are second autos/pleasure only/limited use. Translates to money saved on premiums. (Leland-West Insurance — must be a PCA member.)
  • PCA Club Racing Program — nationwide; modeled on vintage racing rules.
  • Annual national convention (Porsche Parade) gathers in a different location each year. Over 600 Porsches and 1500 folks gather for a week of noting but Porsche.
    • 2002 Parade: Sunday, July 28th Saturday, August 4, 2002 in Boise, Idaho.
    • 2003 Parade: Sunday, June 29th Saturday, July 5, 2003, Saddlebrook Resort, Tampa, Florida.
    • Group tours (PCA Treffens®) to Europe and the Porsche factory.

October 2009 New Members

Jeff and Julie Brooks
Sturgis, Ky – 2001 Boxster

Thomas Erickson
Paducah, Ky – 2006 997

Steve Rogers
Bowling Green, Ky – 2009 Cayenne

Gary Van Zant
Lexington, Ky – 2008 Boxster

Scott and Victoria Walthers
Louisville, Ky – 2007 Cayman

Membership Information

While our cars are very exclusive, our club is not. Membership is open to all Porsche owners, co-owners or lessees, who are 18 years or age or older. At the time of joining, the member of record is permitted to name either a member of his or her family to become a family member or other interested person to become an affiliate member, at no additional cost. The family or affiliate member must also be 18 years of age or older.

Membership is available in one ($42), two ($82) or three ($120) year terms. Membership dues are payable in U. S. funds by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. The fee includes $7 per year for our monthly Porsche Panorama, the worlds premier publication dedicated to Porsches. $14 of the annual dues is also returned to your designated local region for the support of its activities.

On a Porsche Order Waiting List at your Porsche dealer? Join us now while you’re waiting. Contact the PCA Executive Office or the National Membership Committee Chair directly for special instructions regarding processing of your application.

If you are in a Porsche related business (Porsche dealer, sales, parts, etc.), contact the PCA Executive Office or the National Membership Committee Chair directly for special instructions regarding Associate Membership status.

If you’re not yet a Porsche owner and are actively looking for a used Porsche to buy, consider our PCA Quest program. Click here to learn more.


September 2009 New Members

Buddy & Fariba Cox
Louisville, KY 2001 Bxtr

Stephen E. Tracy
Louisville, KY 1990 964 C4

Transfer in:
Michael Shea
Louisville, KY ‘07 911 Carrera 4S