APRIL 2018 Membership Report

Anthony Minstein – Membership Chair

As Jason said in his President’s message, driving season is here, but winter seems to be holding on with a tight fist. I’ve only had one opportunity this year to put down the top on the Boxster…and I was still a little cold.

We have some good drives coming up, I’ll be leading the 1st Annual Endurance Donut Run. Many members are asking “why….endurance???”. Suffice to say, we will be sampling some of the best home made donuts made in Central KY….we’re not talking boxed or packaged either….as Homer Simpson would sagely observe: “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Membership numbers for April:

  • Primary Members: 300
  • Affiliate Members: 169
  • Total Members: 469

16 Members celebrating their membership anniversary with the club in April, including Lucio Mazzini, representing KYPCA in Imola, Italy; just outside Bologna, driving a 1987 928. He’s got some good roads to explore, though I don’t think he’s been on one of our drives….yet.


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